One Band, One Dream, One Direction

Its about a girl named Kaytlynn Sirpine. She runs away from her abusive parents and runs into her bully from school. Yeah, Harry and his gang. ( One Direction Are NOT Famous In This Story )


3. 2

           Kaytlynn's POV

                After school, I have to walk home. So I start. Dani ran up to me. '' Kaytlynn! Guess what!'' She screamed. '' What?'' I asked excitedly. '' Derek likes you!'' Derek is my crush ever since 5th grade. He has spiky black hair and is sooooo cute!  ''' Really? How do you know?'' I asked. '' I was asking him who he liked and he said you!!! Aaahhh!'' We started screaming and dancing around the sidewalk. Soon wee got to Dani's house do I had to walk alone. There was a black Range Rover following me. I stopped to look at it and I saw Harry in it. '' Shit.'' I muttered. I kept walking faster to my house. He sped a head of me and stopped. He got out and walked up to me. '' Hey babe.'' He whispered to me. '' Don't call me that Styles.'' I growled at him. I tried to push him away and keep walking but he grabbed my wrist. I winced in pain. '' Where do you think your going? You will be staying with me, beautiful.'' ( Harry secretly has a crush on Kaytlynn but doesn't want to show it. ) '' I'm not beautiful so dont call me it.'' I said, ready to cry. '' You are fuckin gorgeous! Don't say your not!'' He screamed in my face. He didn't smell like alcohol so he isn't drunk. Weird. '' Leave me alone. You will hurt me.'' I said, already crying. His grip loosened up and his face went soft. '' I promise I won't hurt you. Your gorgeous. I always had a crush on you but I never wanted to show it. I love you Kaytlynn.'' Harry said. I stopped crying. I had no emotions at all. I sat there staring at him. '' Y.. You l.. Love me?'' I asked. He didn't answer. He pulled me into a passionate kiss. He didn't squeeze my hand or slap me. He simply kissed me. I started to kiss him back. I bit his lip and he moaned in my mouth. He licked my teeth, asking for permission to enter my mouth. I wouldn't let him. Then, he jammed a finger into my ... Lady spot... Making me moan, then took that chance to enter my mouth. He explored my mouth. He finally pulled away. He smiled nicely at me. I half smiled back. Then he whispered,'' yes.'' I looked at him weirdly then remembered why he would say that. I wonder if he would leave me alone if I act sexual and like I love him? I fake a misterious smile and push him on his back. I sit on his waist and straddle him. I bent done and started kissing him hard. While we were kissing, I grabbed him in the yiu-know-where and started rubbing him. He started moaning and then he moved a finger into me and made me moan. I didn't want this to happen. I wanted him to think of me being too clingy and maybe would have left. He took the finger out and squeezed my bum, making me jump forward. I pulled away and stood up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back down. He made me lay on top of him and kiss him. He squeezed my bum and put a finger down my pants and into me. This was the first time he put his finger in me without my pants in the way. It felt amazing. Then I remembered we were on the sidewalk. I hopped up and grabbed my bookbag and started walking home. It started to rain so I put my books over my head and ran. I heard a car coming. I thought it was Harry but it was a different car. A red Lambergini. It screeched to a stop but it didn't stop fast enough. All I remember was the pain in my side. Then everything went black.

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