One Band, One Dream, One Direction

Its about a girl named Kaytlynn Sirpine. She runs away from her abusive parents and runs into her bully from school. Yeah, Harry and his gang. ( One Direction Are NOT Famous In This Story )


2. 1

 Kaytlynn's POV

                     I get up out of bed and stretch. I get into the shower. I strip down and wince at the pain of the scar on my shoulder. I don't like to talk about it. I hop in the shower and take a 10 minute shower. I get out of the bathroom and walk to my closet. I pick out black skinny jeans with a couple holes from here to there. I also grab a hot pink tank top and an almost see through baggy gold sparkly tee. I grab my black UGGs and put on a light amount of gold eye shadow. I put on mascara and grab my brush. I start to brush my long hair and when im done, I put it in a pony tail and walk downstairs. My parents weren't home, again,so I grabbed a banana and ran out the door. I start to walk to school. Its like 6 blocks but I can walk fast. 

                       Halfway there, it started to pour rain down. I started to jog but I get stopped by my best friend, Danielle. She is dating one of the populars but she is really nice. She runs up to me with her hood on. '' Hey! Kaytlynn! Wait up!'' I laugh and stop. '' Hey Dani!'' '' Hey! Its a bit wet out here, don't ya think?'' I nod and we start laughing and jogging to school. 

                     When we reach school, I mutter,' Great, another day of bullying and jocks. Ugh.' '' What did ya say?'' Dani asked me. ' Oh, uh, nothing. Isn't that Liam?'' I ask pointing to a boy with a buzz cut. '' Oh yeah! It is! HEY BABE!!'' Dani shouted while running towards him. I just sigh and turn to the door. When I got in, I saw the devil and his group. Harry saw me and smirked. '' Well, well, well. What do we have here? Oh. Its Kayt. Or the rat.'' Harry sneered. I just flipped him off and kept walking to my locker. Harry grabbed my shoulder and flung me against the lockers. '' Don't ever do that to me, Squirm. I will be famous soon and we will sue you for being too ugly.'' Harry whispered in my ear. I could feel his hot breathe hitting my skin. I shivered. '' F off Harold.'' I said and put my hand up and walked off. I got to my locker and the hall was cleared. Hmm. I put my bag in my locker and got my books for Social Studies. When I shut my locker, Harry was there leaning against the lockers. '' You think I will let you flip me off? Never.'' He said. He hit me in the stomach and I dropped my books. He punched my stomach one more time before holding me against my locker. He leaned up to my ear so close that I felt his lips against my neck. '' Don't act dumb, Kayt.'' '' My... My name is Kaytlynn, not... Not Kayt.'' I stuttered. Harry just held up his hand as if to say ' Whatever.' And walked to class. I shivered and got my books off the ground. I winced in pain at the place where Harry hit me. I held my stomach and walked to class.

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