A Secret Place

Silcresh lives on Uransial, another planet. Nick is from earth, he was drafted to be a soldier. He was sent out on a ship fourteen months ago. What happens when their worlds collide, will war be the only result? For the write the future scifi competition!


7. Chapter 7 *Damon*

After the shock wore off many tried to use their mind voice but none could. The only explanation Silcresh could come up with was that this was my destiny, it was a gift. I became the unspoken ambassador. Though both parties could understand each other, they knew I was special, different from the rest of them. Though the Elders thought this was part of the reason I had been chosen to represent my people in the first place, I had always been able to know what someone wanted to say even when they didn’t speak it. Though Silcresh says it’s the reason I could stay quiet most of the trip, also it was the reason I hadn’t made any friends. She says subconsciously I knew they were not like me. She says I’m like her instead.

It seems that even though I hadn’t wanted a friend, I had found one.

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