A Secret Place

Silcresh lives on Uransial, another planet. Nick is from earth, he was drafted to be a soldier. He was sent out on a ship fourteen months ago. What happens when their worlds collide, will war be the only result? For the write the future scifi competition!


6. Chapter 6 *Silcresh*

I felt the intake of breath as the Elder relayed the image of the knife. The entire clearing was silent; it was the eldest of all the Elders who had spoken. Some say he was there at the beginning of our world; he is the most respected of all, for he is Drapier.

I saw the shock register on Damon’s face. He knelt down and reached into his boot, very slowly he drew out the knife. Damon held it in his hands offering it to Drapier. Drapier slowly reached out for it as if touching it might burn; he picked it up with care and examined the blade. Even I could see the intricate markings from where I stood.

< “In all of my years, I have only ever once seen markings such as these. They lie in the Depth sadly, and none would dare enter there. Young man this is a gift like none other; look after with care.”> Drapier’s words seemed to echo through Damon and wash over him like waves.

I stepped forward though I knew it wasn’t my place, I felt responsible for him. < “Damon do not take the thought into your mind to go there, it is an impossible feat, none have ever survived. Except Drapier, and he was there before the darkness, none know what lies in that chasm of despair, it is forbidden. People are sent there to die.”> I felt my words hit his hope.

< “No matter then I suppose.”> He said, his teeth clenched.

< “Now may I ask why the rest of your clan is waiting inside as we converse? Please, invite them out; my mind voice cannot reach them.”> Drapier asked him.

Damon reached to his ear, “Hey guys, they would like to meet you. All of you.” < “If I may warn you there are many more of us than you would think. There are almost a thousand men on this ship.”>

Men began to emerge from the door, many looked frightened. I wanted to reach out and welcome them all with my mind voice so I sent a private plea to Drapier. He nodded; I reached out until I could wrap my mind around them all. < “Welcome to Uransial.”>



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