A Secret Place

Silcresh lives on Uransial, another planet. Nick is from earth, he was drafted to be a soldier. He was sent out on a ship fourteen months ago. What happens when their worlds collide, will war be the only result? For the write the future scifi competition!


5. Chapter 5 *Damon*

They nominated me to go out alone; it wasn’t a surprise. I didn’t have, or want, allies; it only led to pain and suffering in the long run.

As I emerged I was immediately aware of a creature. I looked upon it with eyes full of intrigue; it was humanoid but smaller than the average human. I could not tell if it bore an exoskeleton or armor, possibly armor because it had no other clothes. I stood in awe in its presence though my earpiece was pushing me to make contact. It wanted to know if it was a sentient species. But I did not wish to alarm it, nor offend it by making presumptions that I was to speak first. I then heard a voice echoing all around me although it seemed only a whisper. <“I am Silcresh, and who are you?”> I jumped in astonishment as I realized it was in my mind and it was very obviously a female voice. I responded and we spoke a while, simply introducing ourselves. She made a sound of laughter but could not speak aloud, how very odd. Something on her arm began to flash and we both stared at it.

Others much larger than her began to appear at the edge of the forest, <“The Elders, it would be wise of you to be very polite. Do nothing to offend.”> Her voice faded out as they drew nearer.

The Elders looked up at the best vessel we ever assembled, my heart burst with pride for my country. That they would look in awe at something of our creation, though we looked in awe upon merely the possibility of their existence.

The voices in my head strengthened into a meaningless babble as all of their minds entered mine. I fell to my knees with my head in my hands as the voices pierced my mind. My commanders were screaming in my earpiece making it even worse. Silcresh stood and walked to me, I couldn’t even keep my eyes on her. She put her hands on mine which were still wrapped around my head.

<“Peace, Damon, peace.”> She spoke in my mind and it all faded to a murmur. I looked into her violet eyes; nothing had ever made me feel this calm, this peaceful. I hadn’t felt this way since before I was born into our cruel world. < “Damon, you can control this. The Elders wonder what is wrong with you; I have asked them for their silence and I have told them you have never communicated in our way before, but you can.”>

< “Hello?”> I tried.

< “Well done newcomer. Not bad for a first try. We will teach you more in time, but first, what is your business here?”> An Elder addressed me.

< “I am not sure I can explain-”> I started.

< “No need, will you allow me?”> Another Elder asked stepping forward, waving his fingers; when they stilled I counted seven on a single hand. I also noticed it was armor, not an exoskeleton. I looked uncertainly at Silcresh who inclined her head toward him. I stepped forward; he placed his hands on the sides of my head and suddenly it all went black and silent like a theater before a show. My first memories started to flash by, from the moments I thought I didn’t remember all the way to the present, he saw how I felt. Pride for my country, respect for my commanders, and the underlying defiance toward it all. He paused on a picture of my dying world, also pausing on my reaction to their kind and when I was overwhelmed. Last he flicked through a picture I had in my bunk of the mother who didn’t love me.

He pulled away and a tear threatened to escape but I sucked it up, I would not let them see any weakness that the Elder had not already revealed. I could tell they all had seen everything.

Another Elder sent me an image of the knife my Father gave me. < "Do you know what this is?">

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