A Secret Place

Silcresh lives on Uransial, another planet. Nick is from earth, he was drafted to be a soldier. He was sent out on a ship fourteen months ago. What happens when their worlds collide, will war be the only result? For the write the future scifi competition!


3. Chapter 3 *Damon*

Red lights began to flash in the middle of our fifteenth set of suicides. Our instructor held out a bin labeled 'weapons' and we each dropped our firearms in, some men also took out concealed knives. I had no issue putting my gun in the basket; I already memorized the serial number, I would find it later. 
I didn't give up the knife my father had given me though, it was skillfully hidden in my boot. I would never go anywhere without it. My father had said it was key in my life but he never got a chance to further explain. On it were random markings that looked like an abstract piece of art work. 
We jogged in formation down the corridor following our lieutenant. I could easily hear hundreds of more feet marching. "Suit up!" Our Commanding Officer ordered. I went straight to the unit labeled 'WINTERS, D.' I pulled the translation ring over my head and carefully tightened it to fit my neck snugly. Next I slipped into our special gear, it looked exactly like our every day clothing but darker. They were shock proof and bulletproof. I left my unwanted helmet in my unit. 
"Alright ladies, who's ready to get off this thing finally?" Our group cheered in appreciation. "Okay, any weapons I may have missed?" I wasn't nervous in the least, I hadn't taken out my knife in front of anyone these last months. 
"Ready for deploy," he spoke into the intercom. We braced ourselves as we entered the atmosphere. 

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