A Secret Place

Silcresh lives on Uransial, another planet. Nick is from earth, he was drafted to be a soldier. He was sent out on a ship fourteen months ago. What happens when their worlds collide, will war be the only result? For the write the future scifi competition!


14. Chapter 14 *Silcresh*

I stood at the very edge of the clearing watching them look at him. Damon closed his eyes for a few moments and there was silence for a little while.

Then his eyes opened and with that he projected a flood of emotions that washed over everyone's soul. He cast many feelings among them, sadness, anger, vengeance, a need for retribution and a complex variety of others that I could not separate and distinguish as solitary feelings. I was amazed, it made me want to follow him, but I could not and would not, I forced myself to block that out and tried to listen only to his words.

He spoke in the odd way the humans had but he also whispered it in our way; ensuring that all could hear his every word. "We will encounter many evils which we will overcome, nothing can stand in the way of victory for us. We are more powerful than any evil we will find in the Depth so we shall conquer it, those who have died before us will not have died in vain and we shall rescue any of those who may still be alive. Remember yourselves and do not be beaten by the evil within all men. Remember the faces of those before you that have traveled this far and take them into your heart. We will defeat all evil things in our path. Do not become disheartened, we will survive and we will return to a great celebration for defeating the Darkness. You have come of your own free will and you may turn back at any point, but I will endure so we will reach our goals. Now who among you is with me?"

A great roar came up among them and they plunged into the Depth, I would have followed but I was stopped by the hand that rested on my shoulder. Drapier.

<"He is much stronger than we had any idea of, perhaps he will survive. His power seems to be manifesting, he is combining what he already knows to what he has learned here and enabling him to a potential no one else has ever had before.">

<"But Drapier, what even awaits him in the Depth? What is the Darkness?">

He chuckled, <"Don't you know? Damon even mentioned it in his speech, he may have already guessed at what is in the Depth or perhaps it was just an unknowing coincidence."> I gave him a questioning look.

He began to walk away and he chuckled a little, <"The Darkness arrived just before the first humans did, can you guess what it is?">

I pondered that for a moment, Damon had mentioned it in his speech? Well it was obviously evil like he had said but what else? I gasped <"No it can't be, if that true they will all die, anyone who ever steps foot in there will die!">

<"Oh yes, you are absolutely right,"> He looked over his shoulder at me, <"The Darkness is actually every where but it has saturated the Depth so intensely that it can turn any one. The Darkness is the evil that resides in everyone's heart. It will torture them and turn them against one another, no one can defeat themselves. They will die and the Darkness will only spread with increased speed.">

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