My big brother Zayn

I'm Alex Malik Zayn Malik's little sister when Zayn comes home from tour will I fall in love with a certain Irish blond boy


2. Going on vacation with Zayn

Alex's POV
Today I'm packing to on vacation with my brother and his friends
This is also the first time I'm meeting them so I'm kind of excited to
Meet them. My brother told all about his friends they sound cool and
*skip packing*
Today before we go on vacation we're going to stay mine and Zayn's
House and then leave in the morning. I'm suppose to pick up Zayn
And his friends at 2 it's 1 I should get going
*skip car ride*
So I'm at the airport and there are so many girls screaming even some
Crying I know my bro is famous but this is ridiculous
Zayns POV
Today I'm going to see my sister I also made it clear to the boys that she's
Off limits,because she's been through too much with this boy named
A: Zayn!!!!!!!!
Me : Al!!!!!!!
I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug I ever gave anyone
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