Love you forever

The one you gave everything to, the one you love so much till the point where it hurts, the one who left you to be in a world wide famous band and never coming back. Parker Jackson an 20 year old girl who used to date Harry Styles has been left behind. Harry loves her so much and could never get her out of his mind but lost all her contact information. When he came to visit his past lover, he soon discovered she had moved away shortly after he left. What will happen when these to lovers run into each other at the same vacationing spot in a hot sunny paradise? Will they teach each other to love again?


2. Remember me?

"Wake up! Wake up!" Maggie was shaking me. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Wow I slept the whole flight? We both took our carry ons and left the plane. "I can't believe this, we're in Mexico! We're going to see one direction!" "You can see one direction if you'd like, but I'm not." I replied harshly. "Uh-why!? Do you not like them or something!?" All I did was shrug. ---AT THE RESORT--- "wow it's beautiful!" I looked around at our surroundings. "Yes it is" Mag agreed. After we signed in we ran into our rooms. "OH MY GOSH! NOW THIS IS AWESOME!" I jumped on the bed. "OH MY IT IS!" "Let's unpack!" Maggie suggested. "Nah, lets go to the beach!" I pulled my cute baby blue bikini while Maggie put on her pink one. I grabbed her hand and we ran out the door. The beach is beautiful, the water is clear and blue, the sand white and warm. "OH-H-H M-M-Y G-G-G-G-G-O-O-S-H-H-H THERE THEY ARE! ONE DIRECTION" Maggie screeched into my ear. I looked to where she was pointing, I couldn't believe my eyes. There was my lover Harry. He is much taller now but still gorgeous Harry. I was so overwhelmed with thoughts, part of me wanted to run into his safe arms that I once considered home or just ignore his existence. It was kinda hard to ignore his existence when Maggie brings him up repeatedly. Before I knew Maggie grabbed my hand and tugged me as she ran towards the boys of one direction. "NO NO NO!! PLEASE MEG I DON'T WAN-" "sorry to interrupt your volleyball game boys but we really wanted to meet you!" She smiled. I didn't, I don't want to see Harry. I don't know if he recognizes me because I am focusing on everyone except for him. "H-Holly?" I heard a raspy deep voice whisper. "I can't believe your here?" He was surprised. "Well I am." I replied harshly. He ignored it "wow you look exactly the same with your green eyes, long brunette hair, ugh I am sorry, I missed you a lot." He whispered. "Yea whatever. You know maybe if you missed me so much you could've called." "I see your still mad about that" he scratched your back of his neck. He does this when he's nervous. "Ya not only that but you promised me you wouldn't see anyone else besides me! You told me you loved me! I guess not..." I started to look at my feet wiggling my toes in the warm soft sand. "Please let me explain over dinner tonight, what's your room number?" "Fine, B17." Before he could say anything else I walked over to Maggie who was chatting with the other boys tell I grabbed her wrist and tugged her back to our hotel room.
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