Love you forever

The one you gave everything to, the one you love so much till the point where it hurts, the one who left you to be in a world wide famous band and never coming back. Parker Jackson an 20 year old girl who used to date Harry Styles has been left behind. Harry loves her so much and could never get her out of his mind but lost all her contact information. When he came to visit his past lover, he soon discovered she had moved away shortly after he left. What will happen when these to lovers run into each other at the same vacationing spot in a hot sunny paradise? Will they teach each other to love again?


1. Going to Mexico.

"Parker, Parker!" I heard my name being shouted. "Dude, we gotta go unless you want to miss the flight!" Maggie my best friend shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "Okay, okay! Hold on a sec I just got to pack the last of my toiletries." I grabbed my suitcases and with great difficulty tugged them done the many steps of stairs. "Yea, thanks Mags, thanks for the help." "Oops, sorry. But look!" She practically shoved the iPad in my face. When I was just about to read it she started shouting like the super excited person she is "ONE DIRECTION IS GOING TO BE VACATIONING IN THE EXACT SAME RESORT AS US!" "Yea so?" I shrugged. "C'mon Parker admit it you think their gorgeous too!" "Whatever Maggie, can we just go to the airport? We're going to be late" "yea the taxi is on it's way." She smiled tugging her suitcases out the door and I followed with mine. "But look at him" she pointed at Harry Styles in a magazine, my lover that I gave everything to he was my first for everything, he was my everything but I thought he loved me too, I guess not. "He's so incredibly H-O-T! Don't you think so?" I didn't answer, I didn't want to think about him not now not ever. "Parker?, fine don't answer me! Your so grumpy!" Maggie pouted. "Maggie, it's 5:00am I think it's quite normal to be grumpy at this time." Just then the taxi arrived and we threw our suitcases in. We had a lot because we were staying there all summer, two months. Maggie was still flipping through her one direction magazine frequently showing me pictures of the boys, she didn't know about me and Harry. Harry and I dated when we were fifteen till eighteen. We finally arrived to the airport. I payed the taxi driver while Maggie grabbed our suitcases from the trunk of the yellow vehicle. We went through all the airport stuff and as soon as we knew it, we were boarding the plane. I showed the tall man my passport an ticket and he let me in, Maggie did the same. "I cannot believe we are going to Mexico! One direction is going to be there! Oh and we are staying there all summer long" she lightly screeched sitting next to me. "Relax, we still have to fly their, I'm going to go to sleep, I'm tired." I stretched my arms and got comfortable. "Ok" is all she said before putting her face back into that magazine of hers. Soon I fell asleep all my thought of Harry. ***FLASHBACK*** "Harry, please don't go? I need you." "Parker, I promise I'll call and visit. Here we'll both make a promise. We can't see anyone else because when I come up we're going to be together like I never left. I love you Parker, more then anything in this whole entire world, you're my world, Parker." "I love you Harry" ***END OF FLASHBACK***
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