Love you forever

The one you gave everything to, the one you love so much till the point where it hurts, the one who left you to be in a world wide famous band and never coming back. Parker Jackson an 20 year old girl who used to date Harry Styles has been left behind. Harry loves her so much and could never get her out of his mind but lost all her contact information. When he came to visit his past lover, he soon discovered she had moved away shortly after he left. What will happen when these to lovers run into each other at the same vacationing spot in a hot sunny paradise? Will they teach each other to love again?


3. Dinner

  "What the Hell Parker!? I was talking to the boys!" "Maggie relax you'll see them again and I have to go to dinner tonight...with Harry." I mumbled the last part. "Harry? He asked you out? Already?" "Well, no." I shrugged. "What do you mean no?!" She said confused. "Okay look, before when I was fifteen I started dating Harry, we were inseparable like one of those couples that everyone could agree upon the fact that they're gonna get married. We spent so much time together, he was my boyfriend and my best friend, I loved him more then anything. Soon enough he wanted to live his dreams, I did what a good girlfriend would and supported him. When him and his band mates came third on the Xfactor they got signed. I didn't want him to go but he had to. He promised me he would call, visit, and not see any other girls besides me because he will only love me but I guess that's not true." " dated Harry!" She totally ignored my story. I was so lost in my own thoughts, should I even go? He's only going to break my heart it's been a long time but I know I still love him. I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a tight dress with the top cut low. "Should I wear this?" I showed the dress to Maggie. "Yes! That's one sexy dress!" I just laughed shaking my head back and forth. I quickly slipped it on the tight black dress that went mid thigh. I then walked into the bathroom with all of make-up and my curling iron. I put on mascara and eyeliner and curled my hair into long, thick, loose curls. "Wow! Awe Parks, you look so cute!" Maggie said helping me clean up all my materials. "Thanks" "so, is he coming now?" As we walked in the main room. Just then we heard a knock at the door. "I'm guessing now" I walked to the door and opened it to see the one I was waiting for, Harry. "Hello babe, you look lovely" he took my hand and we walked to the elevator. The elevator ride was very awkward but it's my fault considering I wouldn't even look at him. After a while of walking we made it to the restaurant. A tall man in a suit and bow tie seated us in a romantic booth in a corner. "Harry, I don't know why you insisted on taking me out for dinner, we had something but not anymore." He just looked at me with eyes that could make you melt, I honestly wanted to break down crying and beg for him back. But I'm not about to do that and look like a fool, I'm Parker, not his Holly. "Parker...we came here to talk, so can we keep open minded about this?" He pleaded. "Fine, explain." I said coldly. "Okay, Parker, the truth is I'm still in love with you, as stupid as it sounds I lost all my contacts from before I left. So when I came back to visit, you moved away already and I didn't get to see you like I promis-" I cut him off, "well, you also promised that you love me and only me! You told me there would be no other girls!" He looked at me with full guilt in his eyes. "I know, and I'm so sorry but whether you believe this or not it's true, those girls meant nothing to me. They were just replacements of you but stupid me realized shortly after that, that doesn't work that way. The only reason for that is because I was trying to cope with the loss of you. I still love you, with all my heart." He held out his pinkie. When we were younger every time we told the truth we would pinkie promise at the end and if we were to pinkie promise and soon realize that, that was a lie, the person that lied would have to eat dirt. Not very hygienic I know but neither of us ever lied because we both didn't want to eat dirt. I looked at his pinkie for a few seconds and then wrapped my pinkie around his. "Please give me another chance" he pleaded almost in tears. I nodded my head in agreement. 

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