Nobody Compares To You

When 19 year old girl ,Katie, who doesn't like one direction falls in love with them...The one day I met him! Why him! Harold Edward Styles! I know right aww he's so cute but not when you get to know him!


7. You promise?

Katie's POV
I woke up the next morning and saw Harry getting dressed I smiled. "Wow could have warned me!" I smiled at him. "What you don't even want to see your boyfriend naked?" I laughed. He got on the bed without a shirt on just his pants. I smiled "Katie, one thing!" "What is it babe?" He smiled. "Well I got 4 things 3 are words and ones an action which first?" I looked at him up and down looking at every muscular part of his body then his nipples just ruined it. "Yes go ahead umm the 3 words." I smiled. He looked at me and I but my lip waiting for an answer. "Here I go..." He paused for a minute "I love you!" I just heard those words ringing through our my head "I love you!" And without even thinking about it "I love you too!" He smiled "now for the action." He leaned in for a kiss but it was ruined by Louis walking in. "Umm ill come back later!" He rushed out "now where were we!" Harry leaned back in and we had the most passionate kiss ever. He pulled away and looked up and down my body. "Promise me you'll always be mine Katie that you won't love anyone else the way that I love you!" I smiled "Mr. Styles you have yourself a promise. And you have to promise me that for once in your life you'll never give me up." He smiled and shook his head.
We got dressed and walked out to Louis. We got in the car "so where we going Lou?" He smiled "there's a fair going on I thought we could go there!" Me and Harry agreed as we drove off the drive way. "So are you starting to like one direction?" I smiled and shook my head yes. "Well I have always liked your music but now I'm starting to like you guys too." With that I kissed Harry on the cheek. "We're here!!!" Louis was practically jumping up and down in his seat. We got out of the car and I saw the biggest fair there ever was! I smiled taking in my surroundings. Harry came over and intertwined our fingers. We went and rode a few ride then we came to a booth with a bunch of rings. Harry walked over to it an started looking for two matching ones. "How much are these ones?" He looked at the man. "How about $50.45" Harry smiled and handed the man the money. "Babe what are those rings for?" He smiled "our promises remember?" He slid the ring on my marriage finger and I slid one on his. But bad timing the paparazzi came running after us. "Harry Harry when did you and Katie get married." "Or are they engaged?" Harry turned to them "it's none of your god damn business." We walked around the fair for about 3 more hours. It was 8 pm and we were done with the fair so we walked to the car and sat on the hood. "You see the stars all in a row over there?" I chuckled "yeah babe it's the Little Dipper." "We'll you know they are always together well that reminds me of two teenagers that are crazy for each other.." I smiled "and who would they be?" Harry looked at me "well it's me and you!" He smiled and gave me a quick kiss. "Lets go!" I smiled "where?" He jumped up giving me a piggy back ride. "The ocean!" We got to the ocean and Harry got undressed down to his boxers. I glimpsed at him and melted inside. I got down to my panties and bra. We got in and swam to where I couldn't touch anymore. Harry picked me up and smiled "People say we shouldn't be together say we're too young to know about forever but I say they don't know what they're talking about... Katie I love you with all my heart please don't break my heart.."
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