Nobody Compares To You

When 19 year old girl ,Katie, who doesn't like one direction falls in love with them...The one day I met him! Why him! Harold Edward Styles! I know right aww he's so cute but not when you get to know him!


9. Remember when?

Katie's POV
Louis doesn't remember a thing. I walked to Louis room only to we a passed out Lou. I frowned. I felt hands then cover my eyes "guess who?" Harry's voice sent chills down my spine. "Babe? This isn't the best time to be cheeky!" He smiled and turned me around. "I know but it's not my fault it's in my blood!" He showed his dimples and leaned in and kissed me. "Ah eh ahh..." Louis opened his eyes real fast and looked at us. "Doctor doctor he's awake!!" Harry and the doctor rushed to his side. "Louis!!" He looked up at Harry "who are you?" Harry's heart nearly dropped. "That sir is Harry Styles your best friend." Louis looked at him studying his face then all the sudden a big smile grew on his face "HARRY!!!!!!!" Him and Harry hugged. "Anymore questions?" The doctor asked. "Yeah.......... Whose she?" My heart nearly dropped. Harry was shocked to. "Louis that's my girlfriend Katie! Remember?" Louis shook his head no. "He can go home tomorrow but you guys will need to get his memory back by.......August 3rd. That's about 3 weeks from now!" Harry shook his head yes and walked back to Louis "we will be here for you I swear..." 19 hours went by when the doctor walked in "he can leave now just make sure to get memory back by August 3rd." The doctor leave as Louis it dressed me and Harry signed him out.
We got on the car. Louis grabbed my hand and said "I will try my hardest to remember you...." He got stuck on my name "'s Katie Lou!" He smiled "Katie". He winked at me and I felt like he starting to remember his love for me... We got home and Louis was really confused. "So why do we all live together?" I smiled "because you an Harry are best friends and me and Harry are dating!" He laughed "do I have a girlfriend?" Harry frowned "you did but you guys broke up!" Louis stood there for a moment then it hit him his eyes got all teary "Eleanor Calder broke my heart...." After moments of crying he looked at me "how come I can remember everything but you. I know there is a big chunk missing...." I smiled "it takes time don't worry you won't forget.."

Louis POV
This girl so badly wanted me to know who she was. But I just couldn't remember. How come I can remember everyone else. I watched Harry and 'Katie' kiss and then Harry left. "Louis I know it's hard but please remember!" By now her mascara was all over here face. "Katie don't cry please I will try my hardest..... What were we best friends exs or......" She looked up "best friends!"I smiled. I closed my eyes real tight and I remember going to the fair with her. "The fair..." She smiled. I wiped her tears. "I'm working on it!!"
"Lou what do you remember from the fair..." I thought for a minute. " I remember walking in with you and Harry and getting in the car then we crashed." She smiled "yay good anything..." I closed my eyes really hard "I remember a girl kissing me, me calling her a slut then she ran away and me......" "You what?" I told Katie I loved her. I leaned in and without her knowing I kiss her. "Me telling you I love you...but you're Harry's..." My smile winked from a smile to a frown "Katie I remember everything..." She smiled but I started to cry...
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