Nobody Compares To You

When 19 year old girl ,Katie, who doesn't like one direction falls in love with them...The one day I met him! Why him! Harold Edward Styles! I know right aww he's so cute but not when you get to know him!


5. Really Louis?

Katie's POV
I smiled now they know we are dating!! I watched as they all walked out the door me and Harry following. We got in the car and Harry wouldn't let go of me he really does like me a lot. I have no clue where we were going but I was just happy to be with Harry he handed me an earbud i put it in and beautiful melodys and songs were floaty into my ears. I got cut off by a text
From brother: where are you?
To brother: with Harry I'm fine
From brother: okay don't get in trouble and so what happened last night
To brother: me and Harry are dating!
I smiled and put down my phone Harry looked at me and intertwined our hands we got to this weird place it looked like a zoo. And that's what it was a zoo. I got out of the car with Harry and the boys went one way and we went another we would meet back up at 4 at the gate. "Katie your so perfect i uh love you!" I looked at Harry "I love you too!" I didn't know what words had just came out of me mouth!
Louis texted Harry to meet him by the lions so we walked over there being followed mostly paparazzi. If I was gonna be Harry Styles girlfriend I got to get used to it! We got there. "You guys should stay with me Liam Niall and zayn ditched me." Me and Harry agreed that he could come along. We were walking around the place until I found a picture stand. "Harry can we take pictures please?" He smiled at me "yes babe." I jumped up and down as we walked over to the picture stand. We took a picture kissing while our heads were in a tigers mouth. "Here you go." I took the picture and gave it to Harry. "You hold it please." He took it and we walked to Louis. "Oh my god not again." Harry was worried. "What?" I was so confused. "Look at Louis surrounded by girls. He's always with girls ahhh." He got angrier by the minute. His grip got tighter on my hand. "Babe calm down." I kissed him on the cheek.

Harry's POV
Wow everytime we go somewhere he has girls all over him. Ever since him and Eleanor broke up its been happening a lot. I walked over to Louis and all the girls. "What's going on here?" Louis faked a smile "oh just some friends don't worry." I couldn't believe he just lied to me. "Oh well we wanted to go home, would you like I come?" Louis looked at me and he noticed that I knew what was going on. He smiled "well sure how else would I get home?" Katie was so confused I have to explain it to her. As we were walking out Louis was at least 20 feet behind us. "What happened back there why did you get so mad?" I let it out "babe ever since Louis and Eleanor broke up nothing with him as been the same. He stays up partying and hangs out with a ton of girls. I miss the old him you would have loved him!" I got all teary eyed ,but no tears came out. We got to the car and waited for Louis. He walked over to us and hopped in the car. " long is the drive home?" I smiled and handed her my iPhone. "Here listen to some music!" I gave her a kiss on the cheek and we started to drive. Half way through the drive home Katie had fell asleep. "Louis we need to talk!" Louis frowned "yeah I know!" "Why have you not been yourself lately Lou?"
He frowned and looked down at the ground of the car. "We'll ever since me and Eleanor broke up its been hard on me!" I pulled into the driveway. "Louis I get it I know break ups are hard even when you're only together for a short time but Lou you got to get happy for me!" I smiled and hugged Louis. I woke up Katie and we walked inside.
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