Nobody Compares To You

When 19 year old girl ,Katie, who doesn't like one direction falls in love with them...The one day I met him! Why him! Harold Edward Styles! I know right aww he's so cute but not when you get to know him!


3. Our first date

"Well last night was so much fun I was wondering can we do it again?" I smiled at Harry and shook my head yes. We drove up to a frozen yogurt place and got some yogurt "what would you like ma'am?" I looked down "can I get chocolate!" The nice lady smiled and put some chocolate frozen yogurt in a bowl. "And you sir?" Harry looked down "can I get some..... Butter peacon!" She smiled again and put his in a cup. She started to ring us up, but my brother needed some! I noticed my brother left me with Harry and we have to walk home from here. "$4.67!" Harry handed the woman the money and we walked out. "Umm I have to ask you something?" Ahh Harry no don't ask me anything my brother told him he did I know he did "yeah Harry what do you need?" He smiled a dimpley smile at me "do you ahh like me?" I chuckled even tho I was full of anger my brother is gonna die! "Harry you're a really sweet guy and yes I'll admit I have some feelings for you..." My sentence was cut off by the sound of Harry kinda squealing! "Sorry I just had too! Well how about this we have the funnest night you have ever had just me and you!" I smiled as he intertwined his hand with mine. We walked to a mini golfing place. "Just two okay your total is $6.47" I smiled as Harry handed the nice man the money he handed us two clubs two balls and our change. As we started to walk away I heard him say what a cute couple. "So do you want to start from hole 1 and work our way up or start from hole 18 and work our way down?" I smiled "which ever way you want to go." We then walked to hole 9 and started there. Things with Harry were happening way to fast. "Harry are we like kinda going out now or are we just on a date?" Harry started to smile releasing his dimple from his cheek. "Well what would you consider us?" He looked at me and I noticed my cheeks were heating up "uhh..." He smiled "yep you guessed it. Katie will you go out with me?" I shook my head up and down. Oh no this is the one thing I didn't want to happen me falling head over heels for Harry Styles.
An hour has gone by and we are on our last hole. I won I got a hole in one Harry smiled "you want to know what the prize is?" I smiled and shook my head yes. He leaned in and slowly whispered "a kiss!" And by suprize he pecked me on the cheek. I smiled and blushed but it's hard not to when Harry styles kisses you on the cheek. We got out of the mini golfing place and we went to an arcade we spent at least 30 dollars there we won to stuffed animals and a yoyo. We were walking home when my hand got warm. I looked down and saw Harry's hand holding mine. I smiled as we walked home I didn't say a word neither did he and that just felt right. We got up to my room. "You know what Styles you were right!" Harry looked at me all confused "about what?" I smiled "that was the funnest night I have ever had!" Harry smiled and wrapped his warm hands around mine. He pressed his soft lips against mine.
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