Nobody Compares To You

When 19 year old girl ,Katie, who doesn't like one direction falls in love with them...The one day I met him! Why him! Harold Edward Styles! I know right aww he's so cute but not when you get to know him!


8. Oh no

Harry's POV
Me and Katie walked back to the car to see Louis making out with a girl with long brown hair. "Lou I missed you!" He smiled "is that Eleanor?" Katie shrugged. We got closer and closer I soon realised it was Christine Louis girlfriend before Eleanor she broke his heart into pieces. "Get off me you slut I never want to see you again! You broke up with me because I wasn't the kind of boyfriend you wanted and now I don't want you!!!" He pushed her away. She ran away in tears. "Lou are you okay?" Katie ran over there. He whispered something to Katie. "You alright Louis?" He smiled "I am now!"

Katie's POV
Louis just told me he loves me. What do I say back? We got in the car and I got texts from Louis
From Louis: we can't tell Harry please don't I know my feelings are stupid and it's never gonna happen I'm sorry
To Louis: Lou it's okay we won't! :)
From Louis: okay thanks :)
I put on loved you first and set down my phone. As the street lights when by my eyes lids got heavier. I fell asleep and I heard the cars tires screech I open eyes to see Louis and Harry being suffocated by the airbags.

Harry's POV
I am awaken when I hear the sound of an ambulance. "He's awake guys over here!" Two doctors rushed over to us. "You're gonna be okay babe!" I was pushed on a stretcher and Louis was on his way to the hospital. When I got in the ambulance a strange man was there and so was my Katie. We got to the hospital and Louis was passed out I could go home all I had was a broken rib. Louis tho didn't remember a thing...
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