Nobody Compares To You

When 19 year old girl ,Katie, who doesn't like one direction falls in love with them...The one day I met him! Why him! Harold Edward Styles! I know right aww he's so cute but not when you get to know him!


4. Meeting the boys

After our first kiss I couldn't believe that I am Harry styles girlfriend even tho I don't like one direction it's unbelievable. Me and Harry layed down on my bed. I cuddled up to him "Harry why did you pick me? Out of all your fans?" He smiled. "Well you're not like a fan I liked you from the first time I saw your pretty hair your opinion hit me like a ton of bricks but then that night when we were talking you said we weren't that bad it made me like you more!" I smiled and started to softly kiss Harry's neck. He turned off the lights and we cuddled. Harry was playing with my hair and I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning. Harry looked at me "hey beautiful morning! Want to meet the boys today?" I smiled at him "sure after I get my makeup on and get dressed!" He looked at me immediately after I said make up "hey you don't need make up to cover up being the way that you are is enough!" I smiled at how dorky he is. "Okay I won't wear makeup!" I put on a blue vans shirt black shorts and black toms. Harry looks at me stunned "pure beauty!" I blush. He takes off his shirt releasing his 4 nipples and his v line. I don't know what air is anymore I playfully faint "what babe?" He smiled and looked at me "your so perfect!!" I walk towards him and wrap him in a hug. There's no way this is really happening.
We drive up to Harry's flat and I meet the boys. "Hey guys this is Katie." I smiled at how Harry introduced me. They all hug me and hug Harry. We didn't tell them we were dating but they could all notice something was up between us. I faked a smile trying to get them to not notice. "Harry can I talk to you!" They walked away and left me with the rest of the boys.

Harry's POV
Louis dragged me into the kitchen. "Whose this Katie girl?" I smiled and couldn't help but blush. "You like her don't you!!" I smiled at him and he then realised "oh my she is your girlfriend isn't she?" I smiled and shook my head. He was so shocked he looked at me "how did you not tell me earlier?" I looked at the ground "Louis it happened last night! Don't worry!" He smiled and we walked back out. I intertwined my fingers with Katie's and we stood there talking to everyone we were waiting for someone to notice. "How about foo.....wait Harry has a girlfriend?!?" Niall was so shocked! "Yes me and Katie are dating!" Katie blushed and I pecked her cheek.
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