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Nicole Bradley was just a normal teen. An amazing boyfriend, a reliable bff. What more could she ask for. Then things started to change everybody wanted more from her. Especially her boyfriend ,Zayn Malik. She could only hope that thibgs would go back to the way they were sadly it never did. Soon she falls in love with some of the other One direction boys. Soon out of now where a new girl jumps in who is in love with Louis what will she do to get him to love her back?


3. The Text


I had just arrived how not realizing i still had blood dripping from my nose. I looked in the mirror at the front door. Shit! I thought. I quickly ran upstairs to my room angrily. Louis is such a pussy i can't believe he got all mad. I hope Zayn beats his ass tomorrow. Wait! No i don't because he is my bestfriend. Speaking of Zayn when did he start going out with Nicole. I thought  about this for along tim until my phone started buzzing. It was a text from Louis. I rolled my eyes and looked at the text. It was about some crazy bitch who kissed him out of know where. It also said he left the girl passed out. Classic Louis being such a pussy. I laughed and texted "Go back and get her" It took him awhile to respond a small little text "NO" Well i wasn't going to get her i mean she was crazy. If she kissed me i could get rabies or something. I felt another buzz. Another text. "You Go" I didn't want to ,but im not a pussy like Louis "Fine" I texted back. I was going ,but not alone. "Thanks i owe you one" Louis texted. "Not really because your coming." I texted. I put my phone in my pocket. It buzzed and buzzed ,but i didn't answer. I rushed into my car and put my phone on silent. I quickly drove to Louis's house.


I can't believe him. Harry is really taking me back to that crazy girl. I heard a honk and looked out my window. Harry waved and smiled a big evil smile. "FUCK YOU HARRY STYLES FUCK YOU!" I yelled out the window. "KEEP IT UP!" He yelled back i know what that meant ,but i didn't care. God i hated Harry so much at that moment. I grabbed my jacket and shoes on ran down stairs and out the door. I look at Harry and said "You'll see." I grinned and turned up his sterio. "Look what i have." I whispered to Harry diabolically Im pulled my mom's Taylor Swift CD out my pocket. "My mom plays this all the time so i know alot of the words to the songs." I smiled evily

"LOUIS I SWEAR IF YOU." I cut him off and put the CD in on full blast. It was pure torture for him especially since i replaced ever boy and baby or whatever with Harry. It was a long ride from my house to Taco Bell.


i belive it. Some cute Jamaican i mean British boy walks in and i act like my retarded self. ONCE AGAIN. I see my reflection in the cash register number thing. My mascara is running. Oh fuck it i already embarrassed myself infront of on Jamaican i mean british hottie. I swear to god if another one walks into this resataurant i will FUCKING MURDER HIM. Unless he's super cute. NO. My heart belongs to Louis. Even though we've only spoke once im sure its love. We had a spark i hope he had the same one as me because our kiss was special. What if he has a girlfriend. OM MY GOD WHAT IF HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. I sat down on the floor and started rocking back and forth. "WHAT IF HE'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND."I screamed over and over. If he does i will die. Slowly and painfully. Louis is everything to me now. Ive never felt this before. I all happened so quick how do you fall in love so quick. Maybe it only happens when you kiss an alien like louis. What if he's from the british pluto. He's trying to get inside my head and eat it. What if he ate his girlfriend's brain. I WOULD DIE IF HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. WHAT IF HIS GIRLFRIEND IS AN ALIEN. I can never compete with someone of his same kind. All these thoughts ran through my mind until the bell sounded. Which ment someone opened the door. i jumped up off the ground. It was a boy a hot one to.

"Ello!" He said.


"British" he corrected me. Well as i said before i have to murder him. Well maybe not he's cute. Is he an alien too like Louis? 

"Don't eat my brain because i said i wouldn't murder you ,but if your getting and ideas i will get my boyfriend!"

"And who is that?" He asked

"It's none of your alien buisness asshol!"

"By any chance Love." I can't believe he said that.

"BACK THE TRUCK UP YOU DICK! Did you just call me love?" This made him laugh.

"HELL YEAH I DID GOT A PROBLEM YOU PSYCOTIC BITCH!" That made me angry and no one like to get me angry. I jumped on the counter then on to him. I took him down. I started hitting him in the face and he tried to push me of.

"LEARNED YOUR LESSON YET?" I yelled into his face. " REMEMBER THIS THIS IS MY PLANET BITCH YOUR NOT GONNA ALIEN INVADE AND STEAL OUR NUTELLA LIKE YOU DID OUR TWINKIES!" God i miss twinkies. He pushed me offf of him and texted somebody. I grabbed his phone. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TELLING THEM TO GET ME TO EAT MY BRAIN." I started crying. "Why do you want to kill us humans what did we do." I looked at his phone. I saw the contact at the top it read Louis. I ran over to him he was still on the floor. i sat on his lap and wrapped my legs around him. "Why the fuck do you have my boyfriend's number." I tried to stay calm because i realized if i yelled he was going to yell back and his sexy voice would just seduce me and make me want to let him go.  He smiled. What the fuck was he thinking?

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