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Nicole Bradley was just a normal teen. An amazing boyfriend, a reliable bff. What more could she ask for. Then things started to change everybody wanted more from her. Especially her boyfriend ,Zayn Malik. She could only hope that thibgs would go back to the way they were sadly it never did. Soon she falls in love with some of the other One direction boys. Soon out of now where a new girl jumps in who is in love with Louis what will she do to get him to love her back?


2. The Strange Encounter

Louis's POV

"And then she left me in the hallway" I said talking to my bestfriend, Harry

"Do you know who you were talking to?" Harry asked. I took a deep breath

"Yea she's Zayn's girl, but I don't know her name."

"O." Harry said as he took a long time to remeber her name.

"Nicole. Yea that's her name Nicole she's in your."

"History class yea i know." I said cutting him off.

"I feel sorry for you now."

"Why?" i asked. Even though i knew the answer.

"Zayn is a badass."  He looked at me and laughed. I stood up from the table and started walking back and forth with my hand on my head.

"What am i gonna do." I whispered to myself. Harry continued to laugh even harder and harder. I was so angry at him for laughing i couldn't control my self. I grabbed his shirt and punched him in the face.

"The fuck was that for!" He yelled at me.

"Holyshit Haz im sorry." He stood up from his chair and punched me back. Harry is stronger than me. I collapsed to the ground. Then he kneeled down and apoligized.

"Im still your friend but if you ever do that again i'll snap you in half." Harry whispered "I gotta go ,but if you see Zayn tomorrow punch him like you punched me." I grinned slightly ,but then it quickly faded at the thought of punching Zayn. Harry walked out of the room and left me just like she i mean Nicole did. The memory of Nicole made me smile. She was really pretty and i wanted to get to know her. A girl a sweet as her should'nt even be with a dick like Zayn. If i had the guts to talk to him i would tell him he dosen't deserve her. Or maybe she does. What if she's just a bitch. What if im thinking of her in a nice way and i need to see the real her. FUCK! My shitty brain is full of what ifs. I need to know the truth about that girl.I stood up and look at myself in the mirror. "Not to bad" I thought out loud. There was only a little blood dripping down my nose. I ran to the nearest bathroom.

"Excuse me" A quiet voice said. "Are you ok."

"Im fine." The voice came closer.

"Next time can you gus not fight in my restaurant?" It had seemed to of escaped my mind that i was at Taco Bell.

"Im sorry." The cashier seemed to of never heard a British accent before because after i talked she looked at me strangely.

"Are you from Jamaica?" She giggled I didn't kno if she was joking or not. I looked at her puzzled. "Fuck it then." She snapped "I can't make conversation?" What the hell was wrong with her she seemed absoulutely crazy. Too bad she was hot. "Hello are you ignoring me? Is it because im American? Is it because Im blonde." She pouted. Thats it she's blonde. Blonde! How did i miss that i was staring at her pretty closely. "Answer me damn it!" She was jumping up and down and waving her hands in my face. I was still at the guys bathroom door waiting for her to leave so i could wipe my nose. I grabbed my nose and looked at her. "Forget your fucking nose! You could of gone nothings stopping you!" She rolled up her sleave to her hand and wiped the blood of my nose. Not only was this girl crazy but she was a complete IDIOT. I didn't know what to say everything was just to overwhelming. After what seemed like forever she quit screaming and took deep breaths. "Im so absoulutely sorry but im kind of crazy boy crazy that is." She blushed "Your just soooooooooooooooooooo. She held this so forever. Then she took a breath "Cute. My name's Elizibeth you can call me Liz, Lizzy, or Beth ,but i prefe Beth.

"Nice to meet you im Louis ,but you can call me Lou." I reached my hand out to her. "Im sorry i ignored you ,but you totally overwhelmed me i didn't kno what to say. Also to answer your questions from earlier. No im British. Yes you can make conversation a very long one actually. Yes i was ignoring you. I was ignoring you because well you already know." She blushed

"Im to stupid aren't I." She punched herself in the head and said "Way to embarrass yourself Liz."

I grabbed her hand "Please don't do that pretty girls shouldn't hit thereselves." I don't know what went through her head at that moment ,but right then and there she jumped up and kiss me. I roughly pulled back.

"Im sorry" was the last thing she said before she fainted. I stepped over her and ran out the door and hopped into my car. "That girl is fucked up!" i thought aloud.


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