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Nicole Bradley was just a normal teen. An amazing boyfriend, a reliable bff. What more could she ask for. Then things started to change everybody wanted more from her. Especially her boyfriend ,Zayn Malik. She could only hope that thibgs would go back to the way they were sadly it never did. Soon she falls in love with some of the other One direction boys. Soon out of now where a new girl jumps in who is in love with Louis what will she do to get him to love her back?


1. The Painful Encounter

"Hey" Zayn smiled as he walked over to me. I frowned. Could he have possibly came at a worse time. "Baby what's wrong?" Zayn asked looking at me with concern. I looked at his big brown eyes for a long time.

"Im fine just go away." I replied. Zayn looked confused for a moment then shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I wasn't hurt by this he was a bad boy after all,but i probaly shouldn't of been so mean. I realised i needed to apoligize to him before he got to class. "Zayn wait!" i called after him. He turned around and grinned at me. I ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Sorry for being a bitch."I said apoligetically. He nodded and said

"You better be." He sounded really pissed off at me. 

"Im sorry im just"

'Whatever" He said cutting me off.

"Can i come over today?" I asked

"Yea" He said walking away. I felt bad for being so mean. He is one of the things i cherish most. As i walked down the hall i saw some boy running right towards me. i tried to move ,but he grabbed me and i fell along with him.

"Watch where you're going you asshole!" I yelled at him. He smiled at me. " What the fuck you think this is funny?" I asked angrily.

"N-no I-I just." He paused

"Well." I scoffed at him.

"Im sorry. About your leg. I looked at him confused

"My leg" I looked down. "Holy shit my leg!" I decided to wear a skirt that day and when he had fell his books must've stabbed my leg, which had splattered blood all over my skirt. I took a deep breath and callmy said "It was an accident so i forgive you." He smiled again. I must admit he was really cute. Maybe even cuter than Zayn.

"Im Louis. Im sorry i had to meet you this way."

"Its alright."

"Um are you crazy?" He asked with disbelief. I laughed and nodded

"Yea." i replied He laughed. I studyed his face. He didn't look bothered by my staring he just continuously blushed. While this was all completely adorable i had to get to class.

"Well thanks for the giant open wound." I said sarcastically.

He looked guilty. "Im so sorry im such a clumsy idiot i wish that would've happened to me not you." He started to cry.

I tried my best to comfort him ,but nothing really worked. He continued to say sorry.

"I said a million times im fine OK."

"But what about your boyfriend."

I started to think about Zayn and what he would do if he found out what happened. He could tell i was thinking aqbout what would happen. I could tell he was thinking about it too. I wiped his tears and said "It'll be all right OK please don't worry. I looked at the clock on the wall. I was way late for my class ,but i didnt't care atleast i had a good excuse why. Itried to stand up ,but my keg hurt so bad. Louis was such a gentleman. He helped me up to my feet and apoligized for the millionth time. I thanked him and walked off. Leaving in the hall by himself. I quickly turned around to see if he was ok ,but he just smiled and mouthed the words "Im fine." Which i knew ment he wasn't ,but i continued to my class anyway. When i arrived the whole class stared. The teacher dropped the lesson and gave me an escort pass to the nurse. Then she called my Dad and i got three days off school. He drove to the hospital istantly were i got stitches. Today was a very long,hard,and painful day. I didn't even know what else was in store i hoped this was the end of it ,but of course it wasn't. Because to be truthful it never is.

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