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Nicole Bradley was just a normal teen. An amazing boyfriend, a reliable bff. What more could she ask for. Then things started to change everybody wanted more from her. Especially her boyfriend ,Zayn Malik. She could only hope that thibgs would go back to the way they were sadly it never did. Soon she falls in love with some of the other One direction boys. Soon out of now where a new girl jumps in who is in love with Louis what will she do to get him to love her back?


6. Queen and King


Last night Nicole came over. She's the sweetest person i've ever met and i give her my world. We were laying in the bed together last night and i told her i love her. This time i really did mean it. You know most teenage guys say i love you just to sleep with her ,but im different and Nicole knows that. I man of course I'd love to sleep with Nicole ,but I would only do it when she's ready because thats a big step and if i try to rush her that could ruin everything. I want her to trust me more i want her to think that i am her one and only. I really think she is the one i want to marry i hope she feels the same way. RING. My alarm goes off and Nicole wakes me up. by singing this sweet little song.

"It's time to get up it's time to get up it's time to get up in the morning! Wake up you silly monkey get up out of your bunky! It's time to get up it's time to get up right now!" She finishes and kisses me on the cheek.

"You're a beautiful singer you know." I compliment her.

"I know! So are you!" She kisses me on the nose. I pick her up in my arms and swing her around.

"Do you have any clothes here?" I ask her knowing the answer. She took over my second closet a month ago.

"Don't ask me dumb questions." She hissed. Then i put her down and she walked to her closet. Then she stripped down to her bra and under wear.

"You're so sexy!" I called after her before she ran into her closet. I ran after her. She didn't notice me standing there and she started dancing. I tackled her and she fell to the floor. Then i was on top of her and i stared into her eyes. Then she stared back at mine. She pushed me off of her.

"We're gonna be late!" She ran around the closet looking for something to wear. it was so cute her just running around in her underwear. Then she finally found an outfit. A really cute red top, a black leather jacket, and a red skirt with black boots. Then she ran into the bathroom while i picked out an outfit. When we were both finished we ran outside to my motocycle. She held on tight as we rode to school. Everybody stared at us when we arrived. Luckily Nicole is very confident. She hopped off the bike and yelled at everyone " The Queen Bitch and her King have arrived!' Damn I love that girl. Everyone clapped and ran over to her. A few of her wannabies said "OMG you are like so popular." Then some of the jocks said "You're so fucking sexy you should date me." Then they saw me and ran away. We walked into the school as the most confident, popular, and sexy couple in the school. Most people called us the king and queen.


Last night I spent the night at Zayn's ,but im going to ask him to move in. I took over his closet and soon his bathroom. We already share his room. His house is so huge there's like five of every thing. I wore the cutest outfit today. A red top, leather jacket, red skirt ,and black boots. I mean I looked totally sexy. Zayn looked really good to in his classic bad ass get up. Which I love. When we rode to school on his motorcycle everyone stared. As usual. I mean we were the King and Queen of this whole entire school. It's just sometimes they had to be reminded. They all knew ,but they had to be reminded. So I yelled "The Queen Bitch and her King have arrived!" Everyone clapped and ran over to us. As usual the wannabies said they wanted to be me and the jocks wanted to date me. Also the lower class populars (The ones who were popular ,but not as popular as the higher class populars.) and the higher class populars (The ones who were popular and tried to tear me and Zayn to the ground. Or get us to break up so there couple could take our place. Or get one of us to leave each other so the can be the new Queen with the former King or the new King with the former Queen.) The popular girl that I just explained ran up to Zayn and gawked at him. Trying to flirt with him. They would wear shirts to show off their boobs ,or wear short skirts to show off their asses. I mean I did that to ,but I wasn't trying to look like a slut for anyone. Zayn is mine now and forever no bitch I mean NO bitch is going to steal him from me. So while everyone was looking I grabbed him, kissed him, and wrapped my leg around him. Made sure it was sexy and that all the girls got jealous. One of the girl I noticed in the crowd of people in the hallway was Beth. This made me make the kiss even more passionate. I mean this kiss was amazing. I could've dropped his pants right then and there and gave him my all. No! No! No! We're not ready for that yet. Last relationship I had and I lost my virginity and he ran away. To him I was just a one night stand that's what I get for trusting Niall. I broke away from the kiss and started thinking about Niall. His soft blonde hair, warm smile, beautiful eyes and I gotta say it gorgeous body. Everything about him seemed perfect ,but it was all a lie. He tricked me and I let him get the best of me and I let myself go. Then he ran and everything went south. I saw him kissing some ho in the hallway and everything ended from there. I just don't want the same thing to happen with Zayn. We're already having the same relationship. I mean I've always been the Queen of the school. I mean this is my last year here always being a queen since Freshman year. Niall was the first King I've ever had. Suddenly I was interrupted from my thoughts.

"Babe that kiss was amazing" Zayn said pulling me away from the crowd.

"I know."

"What was it for."

"Oh I just wanted to show all those sluts that you're mine." I giggled.

"Oh good because I mean they were all over me." He said trying to show off.

'They did huh?" I scoffed at him "A guy tried to catch a feel of my boobs."


"Cody Burnham" I giggled. Zayn didn't think this was funny. He looked around until he found him flirting with some girl. Zayn was about to beat his ass.


I want this guy to bleed. I can't believe some douche would try to touch Nicole's. Im about to show him what happens when you fuck with the King.

"HEY CODY!" I yelled after him. Cody turns around and looks at me.

"Hey Zayn what you need." Then I pushed him into the wall and punched in the face. Before he could say anything I repeatedly punched him. He fell to the floor.  I started kicking him in the stomach. After a few more kicks I stopped.

"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU FUCK WITH THE KING." I yelled making sure everyone could here me. Cody nodded and tried to get up. He kept on falling and finally he pulled himself up using the wall, He limped to homeroom and I laughed. after he left. groups of populars ran up to me. They asked why I beat Cody up. I just replied with "He tried to touch Nicole's tits so I did what I had to do." The girls thought I was such a bad ass and started feeling my muscles. I saw Nicole looking over at me she seemed jealous. Then this blonde girl made her way through the girls and up to me.

"Hi im Beth" She said.  The door kept opening and closing so i pulled a beenie out my pocket. I put it on and she frowned at me. Beth took it off and started stroking my hair. She bit her lip.

"Your're sexy." She bit her lip again "Ya single?" Then out of nowhere Nicole burst out of the crowd and kissed me on the cheek and glared at Beth.

"No sorry bitch he's mine" She grinned cockily. Beth scoffed at her and giggled. Then she did something totally un expected. She pushed Nicole down and tried to kiss me. Yea i said tried because Nicole pushed her down. Now it was on.



Is this sick bitch trippin (please notice that Nicole is kind of ghetto if you wanna call it that. I'll explain more later.) I absoulutely love it when a little popular bitch tries to stel my man i mean come on Im the queen so i think not bitch.

(soory it took so long school is ugh but its almost over for me soooo YAY)

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