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Nicole Bradley was just a normal teen. An amazing boyfriend, a reliable bff. What more could she ask for. Then things started to change everybody wanted more from her. Especially her boyfriend ,Zayn Malik. She could only hope that thibgs would go back to the way they were sadly it never did. Soon she falls in love with some of the other One direction boys. Soon out of now where a new girl jumps in who is in love with Louis what will she do to get him to love her back?


8. I Can Be Helpful


Sorry everyone it's been a long time since I've wrote in this movella and I am glad to say SCHOOL IS OVER! So now I'll have more time to write. Also leave any suggestions in the comment section. I'm tired of all movella writers writing Niall as a good guy so here im changing that. Enjoy :P

Niall's POV

I walked into Zayn's room happily until I saw Nicole on top of Zayn sleeping. I still can't believe he doesn't know what happened between us. I guess he never will. I stepped out of the room and slammed the door loud groans followed.  I casually walked into the hall and slid down the stair rail.  "AH!" I hit Zayn's mom.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Malik."

"Can you please go away." She tries to push me away. I quickly move her arm and roughly push her away.

"Shut the fuck up im going." I roll my eyes and head out the door.  I have no car no where to go. I walk over to Zayn's motorcycle and glide my finger across the side.  I  notice something that's not supposed to be there.  Keys. I thought to myself. Do I care or do I not care. I don't. i hopped on to the motorcycle and drove around.  After awhile I can see a hot blonde girl in a bikini in front of her house , running through a sprinkler. There is another blonde girl next to her ,but smaller. Maybe she's five or six. I drive to the other side of the street  and park, so I don't look like a creep. I kind of do anyway just standing there and watching them , run around and play. All I see are boobs going up down up down up down etc. I can't stand it any longer.  I walk to her front yard with my hands in my pockets not looking where I'm going. I'm so focused on getting to her yard I do notice the car speeding towards me.

"STOP! PLEASE!' I hear a voice scream. Then the screech of a car and soon everything goes black. 

"He should of been looking where he was going."

"I know I know but you shouldn't of been texting I'm calling 119."

"Don't you mean 911."

"Yea that too."

"Ma'am please don't."

"I'm sorry sir but it's the law."  That is the last thing I hear before loud yelling I can't really make out then female screams, small cries, and cars pulling up.

"Stop where you are don't move!"

"Hey what! Watch it." Gun sounds! Gun sounds!

"Please help me! He hurt my big sissy I need help! That is the last thing I hear at all before I think I slip into a coma. When I finally awake I'm in a hospital room.

 I look to my left and see the blonde girl from the street.  She has a bruise on her mouth and her hand is on her chest. I sit up on the bed and try to get to her , but my legs give in and I fall on my face. She gets off the other bed and comes to my aid.

"Hi I'm Beth. I saw you when you were about to get hit by that car and then you uh did. So when I tried to call the police the man punched me and the face. I fell to the ground and he kicked me in the chest. I've already been here though. I got beat up by this girl. You may know her. Her name's Nicole. She bruised my jaw and leg. She also broke my nose ,but I refused to wear the brace so it could've got worse. I I I'm talking to much aren't I." Beth finished then waited for me to reply with a pained look in her eye.

"Thank  you." I say before grabbing the back of her head and kissed her.  "My names Niall." Before I could say anything else nurses and doctors rushed into the room.

"Hey! Hey! Get the fuck off of me asshole!" Beth screamed yelling and kicking. I on the other hand didn't feel like fighting. So I pushed the nurses away and plopped on the bed. Beth continued to fight away everyone. They struggled but they managed to find some type of gas that put her to sleep. They huddled around her soon most of the doctors that were by me were doing stuff to her. I couldn't see through the crowd so I decided to take a nap .

Author's Note

Let me know what you think should happen next I take all your comments into heart and read them all. I love it when you guys comment for me to update because it means you're eager to read more. Soooooooo KEEP IT COMING :D






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