The Prey -Zayn Malik//One Direction-

'The Prey' are known as humans to the only vampire, Luna Mist. She loves hurting the famous singer and bands, just to make their precious fans cry. She also kills them since she loves hurting anyone. But when she makes a choice to hurt the biggest, most famous and known boyband, One Direction, she fails of killing them, and they know her little secret. And one bet is made to keep her secret safe.

BY: Banana love10's AMAZAYN SISTER, Wikid Dinosaur Rawr Kid!


1. The Prey

********Luna Anne Mist's POV*********


Hello, darlings. I am Luna Anne Mist, the only vampire known to exist. All other vampires have died from the vampire killers, whom are now all gone. This all happened back in the 1700s. So, I am safe and sound. And for your information, Twilight is full of cheese. It's all fake. Sunlight does NOT make us sparkle like little fairy princesses, and we don't live in forests. We live like normal humans. Except we need blood. Any kind of blood, whatever suits your need. To me, animal blood is disgusting. I prefer human blood, which means I get to kill humans. Popstars, I may add. Ever wonder how John Lennon died? It wasn't a gun that killed him. It was me. I killed the hippy. Evil, aren't I? Anyways, now for the real story to begin . . . and vampires are real, like, Earth real. I am one. I live a normal life, with 'normal' friends. They're humans, and only my BFF knows my real self. Shh . . . it's a secret.




I entered the huge arena. The O2 arena in London, England. Front row seats, VIP passes, and fresh famous blood. The girls here are extremely annoying, and deserve to be killed, by me. But only famous people, I prefer. So, that's a big NO. Oh well . . . The five guys run on stage, and I watch them carefully. I could already feel my fangs growing, since I cannot simply wait! Gosh I sound posh . . . haha, I made a rhyme! Did I say I can be like a little five year old child. The guys sing, and do random crap. The raven haired boy looks at me, and I smirk. He keeps staring, and I show my fangs, licking my lips in the process. He will be dead anyways . . . so what could possibly go bad? He brings his friends over, and points. The girls scream, thinking it's them, but it's only me. 


Dumb fruitcups . . . .


I act like I don't know they're pointing at me, and I look at the blonde boy. His hair will be bronze soon . . . teehee . . . .


"OH MY GOD! ZAYN! OVER HERE!" Some girl shouted, as the raven haired boy known as Zayn came down. He looked at me.

"You have VIP pass, love? Would like to know why you have . . . fangs." He whispered the last word. I smirked, and nodded. He went back on stage, and the girls are like, "OH-M-GEE! ZAYN MALIK JUST TALKED TO YOU, AND ASKED IF YOU HAD VIP PASSES! HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU! OH-M-GEE! LUCKY DUCK!" and stuff like that. Gosh these girl are so annoying! How can you stand, "OH THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" Over and over? Down right annoying! I walk backstage, and see the five boys. Zayn sees me, and smiles. I don't even bother to smile back. I was dressed in all black, and I could tell some girls were judging me. Calling me one of those, 'Directionaters'. What? Combat boots, tight black leggings with a black lace skirt, tight black longs sleeves, and a black over coat that went down to my thighs. Even my hair is black, and my bright blue eyes just stand out. Well, that's me. Oh, and I have a nose piercing. Just a stud, that's all. (A/N Aka, girl in cover) 


"So, wanna talk outside, somewhere no one can hear us?" Someone said in my ear. I turn around, and nod. Boy oh boy this is gonna be good. We walked outside, against the brick walling of the stadium. Zayn pushed me against the wall, and held a stake at my chest. Well, I guess there is ONE vampire killer left.


"I finally found my last vampire. I just can't wait till your species is extinct." He whispered in my ear. Ha! This kid think's I'm just a little 100 year old vampire! No bloody way. I've been around since the 1700s. I think I know how to handle rookies. I just shook my head.


"Zayn, darling. You don't know what you just got yourself into." I whispered, and we flipped around. His stake was crushed by my boot, and now Zayn was against the wall. His two hands were above his head, being held by my one hand. I smirked, knowing that I was so gonna win.


"How old are you?" He asked. I laughed.


"I've been alive since the first vampire. Which was back in the 1700s. I've been alive since. And I've been against the best of the best vampire slayers. I think a rookie wont be able to kill me." I said, starting to graze his neck. 


"God I'm a dumb person! Should've known that this would happen!" Someone said. I looked over and saw a curly boy running towards me. I kept my hand on Zayn's hands, and I grabbed the curly boy's wrist, breaking it. He screamed in pain, as I pushed him down. Turning my attention back to Zayn, I bit him. He gave a blood curtling scream, as I drank. Someone pushed me off Zayn, making him slide down the wall. Three other boys were here now. One was helping Zayn, one was helping curly, and one was running after me. It was blondie, and I smirked. As he held his fist up, I dodged swiftly, and I pushed him down. He landed face first, and he groaned. 


"You guys don't know who you are messing with." I said as I held blondie down. I bit his neck, draining the boy. As I finished, someone punched me. It was Zayn. I looked up, blood coming out of my mouth from blondie, and blood coming out of my nose from the punch. I felt pain go away, and the blood stopped leaking. Soon more people came from the door. I grabbed blondie, and Zayn, and then the three others came after me. I smirked, (I've done that a lot, haven't I?) and stopped.


"Want these two alive? Follow me if you dare." I said, and left. I could hear their footsteps, and I kept running with the two boys on the shoulder. Zayn kept punching and kicking, and I just ignored it. Blondie groaned. He was alive, at least. I found my cabin, (It wasn't really my cabin, I killed the people who lived there, and claimed it mine) and I let Zayn down. I put blondie in the bed, and healed his wound with my blood. He stayed asleep, which is good. 


"Why the heck did you kidnap us?!" He yelled. Blondie stirred, and I gave the 'shh' sign. This only made him angrier, but he held his shouts. 


"One; I wanted to kill you all, but your friends got in the way. Two; More and more people came, and saw 'me'. Three; why would I let you live? You are gonna tell that there are vampires in this world. Well, only one." I explained. The burst opened, and in came the other three, and a big guard. 


"That's her, Paul." Curly said, pointing at me. He seized me, but I just laughed. 


"Why are you laughing?" Paul asked.


"Because you guys are so dumb! Haha! Only this guy, Zayn, knows how I survived these past years! Right, Zayn?" I said. He nodded. 


"What? Tell us, Zayn!" Buzz cut exclaimed. 


"Paul, set her down." Zayn said. He set me down. and I leaned against the wall of the cabin.


"She has been living since the first vampire. And that was back in the 1700s. You were the second vampire, right?" Zayn questioned. I nodded, remembering the sweet memories. "She has killed, or escaped the best of the best vampire slayers. So, if I were you, don't run." 


"Zayn? What are you saying?! She almost killed you and Niall! Are joining her side?!" The feather haired boy yelled. 


"Louis, no. I am not. Just calm down. Who knows, we might survive this." Haha, these guys are talking like I'm not even here.


"Haha, very funny, Zayn. But, just to be on the safe side, I need to do this." I said as I snapped Paul's neck. What? I don't need him around. Just these five boys.


"PAUL!" Curly yelled, and went to his dead body. "HOW COULD YOU?! I AM GONNA KILL YOU!" Curly came and started punching me. Sure I flinched and stuff, but that doesn't mean that it hurts.


"Harry! Stop!" Zayn yelled, pulling him back. I fell to the floor, and acted dead. My eyes were open, but thanks to sweet vampire skills, I don't need to blink. I held my breath, (And for vampires, you can hold your breath for about 15 mins.) and acted dead.


"Harry . . .you killed her! Yeah! You killed the last vampire!" Zayn yelled. I held in my laugh that was dying to escape. These guys know NOTHING about me. As Zayn bent down to feel my pulse, I started laughing. Zayn fell back, shocked that I was still alive.


"Haha, thought I was dead? No. That doesn't happen when you punch me in the gut. I may flinch, but that doesn't mean I'm dead." I rolled my eyes at their dumbness. I saw buzz cut trying to sneak out of my cabin. 


"YO BUZZ CUT! Don't you want your friend here alive?" I asked, as I held Louis by his neck. My mouth grazed his skin, making him shiver. I looked up, and saw the boy closing the door and coming up closer to me and Louis. 


"Go, Liam! I will make it out of here alive!" Louis choked out. Liam nodded, and ran out the door. I shrugged, and bit the boy. He screamed as I drank his blood, as everyone but me, Louis, and Niall, ran out the door, trying to get help.











I am Banana love10's sister, SO, ALL THIS GOES TO ME! and if any of you have a Twitter, or Wattpad account, follow me! Twitter: Niallcat1011

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SO, yeah

well, this is my sign out thingy,


~Wikid Dinosaur Rawr Kid

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