It has been a struggle from the beginning...

This is a warrior cats fan fiction. I have added a few of my characters and i hope that you enjoy. This is after the Last Hope but the First Chapter goes back a while where they just found out that Dovewing is the third. I'll post it later and once you read it you'll understand it more. I'm going to post Chapter one in parts because it's 18 pages long on my word document. So yah this is part one i hope you like it. Warrior Cat characters belong to Erin Hunter.


5. Where it all Started

“I’ll take them to see Firestar.” Bumblestripe looked as if he wanted to say otherwise, but Breezepelt’s amber eyes didn’t.

“I’ll come along with you.” Bumblestripe looked eager to get away from Dovewing.

“Very well, can we get going?” Crescentmoon nodded when Onestar spoke up. She gestured for Bumblestripe to lead the WindClan cats threw ThunderClan’s territory. She stayed in the back right behind Breezepelt. He fell in beside her, whispering so quietly no other could hear.

“You didn’t come last night.” Crescentmoon turned to look at him,

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t leave camp, Firestar had me guard with Foxleap.” Breezepelt’s ear twitched,

“The reddish-brown tabby tom? I’ve seen him at gatherings and I swear he can’t take his eyes off you. It’s like you’re the last prey in the whole lake.” A purr rumbled in Crescentmoon’s throat but was cut off as she fell into a bramble thicket. Its thorn covered stems cut into her fur and pieced her left fore-pad.

“Ow!” Bumblestripe came rushing to Crescentmoon’s side she could see his pale grey paws pull at the twisted branches, as he tugged at one from her side the one above Crescentmoon’s left eye tore at her skin, “Ah!” Breezepelt pushed Bumblestripe away from the bush,

“Stop! You’re hurting her!” Blood oozed from Crescentmoon’s cheek and fell into her mouth; she could hear the sound of teeth biting away at the bramble. Crescentmoon could feel someone trying to pull the thorns from her skin, and Breezepelt voice was as soft as a butterflies wings

“Crescentmoon it’s going to be okay I got you.” Breezepelt helped Crescentmoon to her paws; she fell back to the ground. Thorns had found a way into two of her pads. The agonizing pain was too much. Lionblaze, Spiderleg, Toadstep, and Foxleap came running towards the group; Crescentmoon could hear the hisses come from Nightcloud and Breezepelt when they saw Lionblaze. But the golden tabby tom ignored them. Foxleap tried to grab the blood stained white she-cat but Lionblaze moved in front of him.

“I’ll take Crescentmoon back to camp, Foxleap escort these cats to camp with Bumblestripe. Toadstep, Spiderleg, go back to the patrol and tell them what happened get back to camp.” He grabbed the thorn covered she-cat by the scruff and headed off away from the hostile eyes of the WindClan cats. Lionblaze’s voice rang in Crescentmoon’s ears even though his mouth was stuffed with her fur.

“I fell into a bramble thicket.” His thoughts continued with questions,

“They’re here to speak with Firestar.” His last question surprised the she-cat,

“I can read minds.” Her last words lingered in the air like a mist but vanished to the faint sound of a stream flowing over rocks. When she opened her eyes snow covered the ground around her. Crescentmoon parted her jaws the smell of ThunderClan flooded her tongue. The territory around her was different; she couldn’t locate the camp or the lake. A scream came from Crescentmoon’s left and she ran blindly towards it. A pale blue-grey she-cat hid under a fallen oak tree. She walked towards her cautiously; she was licking two bundles of fur. One of the kits had silver-gray fur with dark stripes, the reddish-brown tabby tom lying beside the she-cat sighed happily, he looked down at the kits his amber eyes warm. The other kit had a pale blue-gray pelt with white paws, muzzle, and chest.

“Oakheart, I…I can’t take both of them back to camp with me.” The pale blue-grey she-cat stroked the soft pelt of her kits.

“Bluestar,” he paused trying to find words to say “can we name our daughters, before we separate them?” a purr rumbled in the throat of the queen, her tail twined with the tom next to her. Their tails caressed the silver-gray she-kit,

“This is Shimmerkit,” a gasp escaped Crescentmoon, her name struck the she-cat, that kit was Shimmerheart. Oakheart’s paw poked the pale blue-gray she-kit. Her small white paws grabbed Oakheart’s, he gently shook her off. A few rays of the sun shone threw a gap in the fallen oak it hit the little kit, her fur eliminated into a shining silver stream.

“Her fur shines like the streams that flow through RiverClan...” he paused and sighed,

“Splashkit.” Crescentmoon moved closer, this kit was her mother no questions needed. “I love you Bluestar. I’ll raise our daughter to be the best warrior.” He pressed his muzzle into Bluestar’s “I will never stop loving you.” He picked up Shimmerkit and left towards RiverClan. Bluestar moved out a leaf in front of her, she picked up the leaves with her pad and stuffed them in her parted jaws, Bluestar chewed them till she could swallow the soft fuzzy leafs. She rose to her paws and looked down at Splashkit.

“Why does it have to be this way?” She bent down and picked Splashkit up by the scruff. Crescentmoon’s mother’s paws drew close to her body and she gave a wail of protest. She followed Bluestar till they came into the old ThunderClan camp. A small black-and-white tom passed in front of the nursery. A pretty dark tortoiseshell came out,

“Patchpelt, Willowpelt wants to see you.” The tom ran into the den. Bluestar went in after him. As Crescentmoon pushed her way in she saw a very pale gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes curled around a long-haired grey tom. Bluestar set Splashkit gently down,

“Willowpelt I found this kit by the boarder. Can you take care of her?” Crescentmoon could see the pain in Bluestar’s eyes as she gave up her kit to the other queen,

“Her names Splashkit. I, named her when I found her.” The pale grey she-cat nodded to her leader,

“I’ll take her Bluestar, Graykit will be happy to have the company.” Bluestar grabbed Splashkit and laid her next to her new adopted mother and brother,

“Thank you Willowpelt.” Bluestar left the den and vanished into great rock. The call of a jay that flew across the old camp woke Crescentmoon from the past. She opened her eyes to see Jayfeather in front of her,

“Interesting dream.” she looked over to the grey tabby tom,

“What?” he didn’t move,

“Nothing.” He got to his paws; the she-cat instantly realized what he was talking about

“Jayfeather, you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone.” He turned away from her

“I don’t need to make a promise. I would never do that, I’ve been through it. I don’t want it to happen to you… or your brothers.” He stepped into the herb storage.

“Here eat these; it will stop infection before it starts.” Crescentmoon picked up the sour tasting herb and chewed it.

“But… why?” He looked over his shoulder and flicked his tail.

“I know what it feels like; I couldn’t stand myself if I did that to you.” Jayfeather came over and sniffed her pelt “There where thirteen on your left side, five in your right, and one in your left fore and hind-pad. The scratches alone where pretty bad, I’m surprised you didn’t bleed to death before Lionblaze brought you to me.” Crescentmoon rolled her eyes

“Can I go?” he nodded

“Please do.” Crescentmoon rose to her paws and flinched as she put weight on her left fore-pad.

“Happily...” As she passed the medicine cat his sightless eyes flashed with amusement. She managed to get through the ferns hanging in the entrance to the medicine den and walked into the clearing. Spiderleg got up from his spot next to Birchfall and Thornclaw.

“Here let me help you.” She leaned against him as he helped her over to the spot where Ghostclaw and Riverstorm sat.

“Thanks Spiderleg.” He nodded and went back to sit with the two toms.

“What did Onestar say to Firestar?” Ghostclaw’s tabby striped tail swished.

“Breezepelt’s the one that spoke with Firestar.” Crescentmoon’s ear twitched,

“So what did Breezepelt talk to Firestar about?” Riverstorm’s white fur bristled,

“He wanted to know if you were expecting kits.” A ball of guilt formed in Crescentmoon’s belly.

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