It has been a struggle from the beginning...

This is a warrior cats fan fiction. I have added a few of my characters and i hope that you enjoy. This is after the Last Hope but the First Chapter goes back a while where they just found out that Dovewing is the third. I'll post it later and once you read it you'll understand it more. I'm going to post Chapter one in parts because it's 18 pages long on my word document. So yah this is part one i hope you like it. Warrior Cat characters belong to Erin Hunter.


1. Prologue

                   "Scorchtail!" smoke covered the air filling it thickly.

"Scorchtail!" as the air cleared a silver pelt covered in stars gleamed faintly in a pool of blood. Splashfur's paws carried her forward only to stop at his side, "No.." his flank barely moved. She pushed her muzzle into his. Tears fell soaking Spashfur's mate's fur,

                    "I love you so much Splashfur. Don't ever forget that." he licked her cheek as he had so many times before

                    "You can't fade Scorchtail." Splashfur's voice cracked as he looked up at her,

                    "I have died once and am dying again. I won't be able to greet you in StarClan my love. I'm sorry. Please take care of our kits." He closed his eyes for a moment and never opened them. The white she-cat sat at the side of the tom she loved and whispered to him as his star covered body started to fade.

                     "I love you Scorchtail; I will always love you no matter what." A tail traveled down her spine. She turned to see Bluestar's blue eyes filled with pain.

                     "He's gone." Splashfur shook her head

                     "Why did he have to do that?" Bluestar's tongue drew over her daughter's ear

                     "It was his destiny to save the life of you, but not his own." Splashfur moved away and sat at the spot where Scorchtail's body should have been. Bluestar grabbed her by the scruff and brought Splashfur to her paws.

"Splashfur you mustn't grieve. He loved you and risked his life for you." Oakheart walked up behind Bluestar and smiled weakly,

                      "We'll see you soon Splashfur." The reddish-brown tabby tom and blue-grey she-cat walked towards the entrance of camp and disappeared towards the stars. Ferncloud's spirit rose from her body. A shimmering silver cat covered in stars, she nodded to her mate and walked with the others. Mousefur bounded after her like a little kit and was joined by Hollyleaf. Firestar had left Sandstorm and was heading Splashfur's way.

                      "I never stopped loving you. You know that right? I will wait for you forever if i must." He stroked Splashfur's spine.

                      "I...I'll miss you Firestar." He rested his chin on top of her head.

                      "I'll be there to greet you in StarClan." He left and walked away with the others to the stars. Rain stared to fall hitting Splashfur's back soaking the fur of all the cats in the clearing. Firestar still loved me; he was willing to leave his mate for me. I still love him dearly. But i don't know if i could do that to Sandstorm.

                         Crescentmoon left the clearing, her father had faded. And her true love had chosen to be with another cat. She limped into the warriors' den and lowered herself into her nest letting slumber take over her. Moments later she woke to a prodding in her side. Pain shot through Crescentmoon. A panicked voice made her eyes flutter open.

                       "Crescentmoon wake up!" She turned to see Lionblaze's paw covered in blood.

                       "What happened?" his eyes moved to his paw then down into Crescentmoon's nest. He grabbed her by the scruff and carried the she-cat out of the den. Jayfeather came rushing out when he heard the screams of their Clan Mates'. Crescentmoon felt her body being gently laid into the ground.

                        "What's wrong with her!?" Lionblaze growled,

                         "If you help me get all this blood off I could figure out." Crescentmoon started to close her eyes again. "Crescentmoon wake up." she moaned, all she wanted to do was fall asleep. Jayfeather's muzzle was a mouse-tail away from hers.

                          "S....Sunpaw?" His starry body was standing right next to the medicine cat.

                          "Who's that?" Crescentmoon could hear the worry in Lionblaze's voice. The scent of her mother washed over her,

                           "That's one of my sons. But he walked among StarClan." Crescentmoon looked around in a daze she could see Jayfeather close his sight-less eyes hard

                            "She's dying..." the medicine cat backed away from the white she-cat, "There's nothing I can do, she's lost to much blood." Lionblaze wiped around and growled at his brother

                            "Help her! Don't let her die Jayfeather!" his head hung in defeat, Crescentmoon started up at silverpelt, 'do they really want me now?' Sunpaw moved closer he nodded.

                             "I'm sorry but it's amost time to go." Crescentmoon stared at her brother,

                             "I'm not leaving Sunpaw." His green eyes flickered away when the she-cat hissed, Lionblaze was by her side now his amber eyes watery.

                              "Don't leave me please, you promised Crescentmoon." His voice cracked,

                              "I promise, i won't leave you Lionblaze, not again." She closed her eyes for just a moment and everything went black. The tom she loved whispered to her.

                              "I love you Crescentmoon, i have always loved you. From the very first day i met you."

                                                                                                                    ~ ~ ~

                             When Crescentmoon opened her eyes again, she was in the medicine cat's den. The she-cat moved her head to look at her side. Cobwebs stoke to her white fur, red stained white with the slightest movement. The strench of marigold covered her soft pelt; the moon's light covered the floor in front of her

                           "Crescentmoon?" Jayfeather's voice came from the shadows.

                           "I'm fine." he snorted

                           "Sure, you almost died and you say that your fine. Honestly Crescentmoon you where like this even as a kit." He came over and started to lick away the old poultice. He dragged a leaf over and applied a new coat. Jayfeather paused from his work and closed his eyes. "I'm sorry." Crescentmoon wrapped her feathery tail around his shoulders.

"I just gave up on you. I just let you die slowly." Crescentmoon put her head under his chin,

                           "I'm still here aren't i? Plus it was Breezepelt who tired to kill me. Not you." She pulled away and the medicine cat looked the other way.

                            "I have to go, I need to check on Sandstorm." The she-cat nodded but he didn't turn to look at her. She spoke up,

                             "Do you know what Crescent means."his ears pricked

                             "No, but it has something to do with beauty. At least that's what Splashfur told me." his blush was barely visible in the dark, Crescentmoon laughed softly.

                             "Yes it means beautiful, and it is the moon phase after a half-moon." His sightless eyes softened, he hesitated.

                             "Half-moon?!" a purr rumbled in the white she-cat throat.

                              "I've missed you Jay's Wing." He almost ran to Crescentmoon his muzzle rubbed with hers,

                              "But how?" he purred loudly

                              "I was born on a Half-moon, StarClan let me live again like they did Cinderpelt. But even though Crescentmoon is her own cat she was me in the past. I live on in her." Jayfeather licked her cheek.

                              "But that would mean that i'm destined to be with you." Her soft pale green eyes turned a darker forest green.

                              "That is for you to figure out my love, i love you, I know that Crescentmoon has feelings for you too as you do for her. What does your heart tell you?" Crescentmoon's eyes turned back to the pretty soft pale green they were. "Jayfeather are you alright?" the grey tabby tom was still looking at her, as his blue eyes turned to a liquid a blush filled the white she-cat's cheeks.

                                "I'm fine," he smiled and left the den. After he left, Crescentmoon still smelt the scent of him lingering on her fur, she laid her head on her paws and closed her eyes, wishing it was all a dream. The tom she used to love had tried to kill her. Breezepelt's words still echoed in Crescentmoon's ears.

                                 "If i can't have you Crescentmoon, Lionblaze shouldn't either! He stole everything from me. My own father hates me because of him. Now he has taken the love of my life!" her heart raced as Breezepelt leaped at her.

"We could have had a chance; we could have run away from it all! We could have had kits and been happy! I guess my love wasn't enough for you Crescentmoon was it?" His claws raked down the she-cat's sides tearing at the skin, he clawed the fur surrounding her heart,

"Why....Why Crescentmoon. I loved you, why didn't you come with me." Tears threatened to show. She wrapped her tail around her paws and tried to fall asleep but the sound of battle still rung in her ears. She was destined to survive against the dark forest but they will haunt the memory of all the cats that fought against them. Who ever knew dead cats could harm the living. All of the clans will be scarred, losing the cats we loved and cared about. The only thing that broke Crescentmoon's heart truly was that her brother Ghostclaw didn't know his mate was training in the Dark Forest.  Applefur's own kits were not aware. Darkpaw, Petalpaw, and Whitepaw had been protected by Phoenixstep, Echoflame, and Sunpaw. Her brothers and sister had fought in the battle against BloodClan but Sunpaw lost his live. Crescentmoon's shoulders stiffened, her eye sight went black...


                              Rain fell hard in ThunderClan. A scream came from the nursery Crescentmoon turned to see Lionblaze passing. Her claws dug into the wet earth. She walked over to him, his thoughts filled with worry and pain. A hiss came from behind her; three shadows lurked around the golden tabby tom. Her fur prickled, these shadows where an omen, a sign harm was coming for these kits. They swarmed towards the nursery. Crescentmoon ran in after them but paused to see her own body lying inside of the nursery. The white she-cat's heart skipped a beat as she saw the three shadows come towards her kits. The shadows turned into a soft white mist, no longer did these shadows threaten to steal the lives of these kits, but came to give them a blessing. A single butterfly came forwards it's wings covered in glowing silver, faint traces of sparkling mist trailed after it; It landed on the white she-kit. The kit started to glow, her body started to shine into a mist. She illuminated the den then the mist vanished into the small she-kit's fur then the light dulled. Crescentmoon turned to look at herself. Her face had scrunched in pain, a scream escaped her jaws,

                            "A tom." Jayfeather licked a flame-colored tom till a wail came from him. The second shadow moved around the den like a snake, it twisted around the tim and turned into water, as he started to yawn the water entered teh kit through his mouth. After a few moments another kit was born. A golden tabby she-kit, as Jayfeather licked her the last shadow turned into a ball. A strong breeze gushed into the nursery, the ball turned into a flaming ball of water, vines twisting around it. It rushed towards the last kit hitting it. The kits didn't notice and neither did the future Crescentmoon. As the ball vanished into the kit Jayfeather gently set her in the curve of Crescentmoon's belly beside her littermates, he closed his eyes for a moment. Not able to see he just looked at where they would be. They had nuzzled into Crescentmoon's white fur and latched on for milk. The grey tabby tom stayed for a while before he turned away from them his eyes flashed with hurt and loss.

"Half-moon why...." He vanished quickly out of the enterance. Lionblaze came into the den; he pressed his muzzle into hers, his voice cracked at the sight of their kits. He stroked both of them gently. A purr managed to find it's way out. He turned back to Crescentmoon's future self and lifted her chin,

                           "Let's name out kits." once he had spoken these words the world around her shifted, and she was surrounded by moon light rocks. Crescentmoon's warrior ancestors filled the empty space around her. She spotted Hollyleaf, Ferncloud, Ashfur, and Firestar among them.

                            "The power of three still glows bright with light, but two will gain with powers unite. Three will be born with more power than the first, a breeze as cold as ice, a heart covered in flames, and the fallen aspen are more powerful. These three are the next to save the Clans from the everlasting darkenss, with the help of the Roaring Lion, Sharp eyes jay, and the Dove's gently wings the next three can either be used for the good of the Clans or be taken and raised with darkness in their hearts from the forest of Darkness." A wind flattened  the fur around Crescentmoon's face. A blast of water drenched her fur; her eye sight went black again. It slowly returned back to normal, when she opened them. Instead of moonlight, sunshine fluttered in like a stream of gold. The medicine cat's scent was stale; she got to her paws and limped out into the clearing. Mousewhisker and Sandstorm where fixing the bramble barriers. Everyone was either helping to repair the camp or resting from the battle. Squirrelflight's dark ginger fur stood out from the cats around her. Crescentmoon walked over to her new deputy.

                            "Where's Brambleclaw?" the dakr ginger she-cat turned Crescentmoon's way.

                            "He went with Jayfeather to receive his nine lives." Crescentmoon nodded; her front left paw had a torn claw her sides were covered in still bleeding scratches. But over all she wasn't hurt too bad, besides the fact that she almost died. A bunch of warriors still sat vigil fro Firestar, Hollyleaf, Ferncloud, and Mousefur. Dustpelt was at his mate's side, Splashfur was curled up beside Firestar and Lionblaze had his muzzle buried in Hollyleaf's black fur. Crescemtoon limped over to the golden tabby tom and joined him.

                              "Hello Lionblaze." He lifted his head as she spoke

                              "Hi." Crescentmoon sat down and leaned against him,

                               "It's going to be okay you know." He placed his head on top of hers.

                               "I'm sorry." Crescentmoon stroked his cheek with her tail,

                                "For what? You have no reason to be sorry Lionblaze." He grabbed Crescentmoon's tail in his paws and held it,

                                "I do Crescentmoon. For not being there for you, Breezepelt was going to kill you and I wasn't there."





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