It has been a struggle from the beginning...

This is a warrior cats fan fiction. I have added a few of my characters and i hope that you enjoy. This is after the Last Hope but the First Chapter goes back a while where they just found out that Dovewing is the third. I'll post it later and once you read it you'll understand it more. I'm going to post Chapter one in parts because it's 18 pages long on my word document. So yah this is part one i hope you like it. Warrior Cat characters belong to Erin Hunter.


2. Not Ordinary

                  The final rays of the sun turned the pelts in camp a brilliant gold, but only one caught Crescentmoon's pale green eyes. He walked into camp with a rabbit in his jaws, the white she-cat looked away quickly as his amber eyes turned to her. A fiery ginger tom walked past Crescentmoon and she ran after him.

                  "Firestar, I was wondering if I was still going to the gathering tonight." he turned his head to look at her.

                  "Sorry Crescentmoon, but i need you to watch the camp with Foxleap." Crescentmoon's fur started to bristle lightly as she remembered that one of her brothers were supposed to keep watching tonight.

                   "It's fine Firestar, it really is." he flicked her shoulder with his tail

                   "Thank you for understanding." he purred. Firestar walked away from her, she stared after him. He never took her off from the group unless someone gave him a good reason.

                   "What did he tell you this time?" She growled quietly to herself and padded to the warriors den her white snowy fur bristled to make her look twice her size. As she walked through the entrance she spotted her brother Riverstorm sitting in his nest. "You told Firestar something again didn't you!" her claws dug into the soft sand around them.

                   "What are you talking about." he looked up at her his light green eyes narrowed lightly in annoyance.

                   "Firestar won't let me go to the gathering." Crescentmoon looked down at him, Riverstorm's ear flicked his nose twitched and he busted out laughing.

                    "Why do you always suspect that it's me? Maybe it was Ghostclaw." Crescentmoon looked down at him her ears pricked

                    "He wouldn't!" Riverstorm rolled his eyes he lowered his voice for only her to hear

                    "Really, he'll do anything not to be left behind when Ivypool goes and he doesn't." Riverstorm's arms extended as he stretched, "Are we done here? I really want to take a nap before I go to the Gathering." his eyes where now filled with amusement.

                    "Whatever, hey do you know where Splashfur is?" he rolled over his back to her. He spoke right after his jaws parted to yawn.

                    "Don't know, go and ask Lionblaze, he was on the last hunting patrol with her." Crescentmoon turned away and walked out of the den. She let her eyes travel around the clearing, when her gaze fell upon the golden tabby tom her heart skipped a beat. Before she could get her paws to move, she noticed Cinderheart sitting with him. Crescentmoon's stomach turned with jealousy she wanted to be in the place of the grey tabby she-cat sitting so close to Lionblaze. She turned her back on both of them and looked towards the entrance. Her father came in with a water vole hanging from his jaws. She ran after him

                  "Hi Scorchtail." he turned at the sound of his name, when he saw his daughter a purr rumbled in his throat,

                  "Hello Crescentmoon." His amber eyes shone with pride.

                  "Would you happen to know where Splashfur is?" his eyes traveled around the camp,

                  "I haven't seen her since she got back from the hunting patrol with Lionblaze. You should ask him, he might know." she nodded. No matter how hard she tried the she-cat couldn't get away from the handsome tom. Crescentmoon turned away from her father, she saw the grey tabby tail of Jayfeather vanish threw a hole in the hollow. She dashed over to the spot where she saw him disappear. The scent of Dovewing and Lionblaze also mixed with the medicine cats. Crescentmoon looked over her shoulder, all of the warriors where either out on a patrol or digging around in the fresh-kill pile. She swiftly ducked under the gap, to her surprise it was smaller than she expected but she managed to get through. Their scents where still fresh, which meant it only took her a couple of fox-tails to find them from where they departed. But out of nowhere Dovewing stopped.

                 "Wait someone's following us." Crescentmoon dashed into a bush to her left. Jayfeather's sightless eyes looked around, they locked on the white she-cat. She hissed quietly, the medicine cat wasn't like any other cat. His mind was so filled with things, as she looked deeper into his thoughts she saw her own.

                 "Crescentmoon come out." Lionblaze and Dovewing froze as the she-cat came out from her hiding place.

                 "What are you doing here?!" Lionblaze growled coming towards her. She flinched back his muzzle was right against hers,

                 "Please I'm not the one sneaking out of camp." His amber eyes burned, they softened when he finally realized who he was talking to.

                 "Lionblaze stop it." The golden tabby tom turned away from Crescentmoon and to his brothers

                 "B...but." Jayfeather shouldered his way to the she-cat his sightless blue eyes where as hard as ice.

                 "I know what you can do." Crescentmoon looked at him like she didn't know what he was talking about

                "What do you mean?" Dovewing came closer as if she couldn't hear, her voice echoed a little off the trees surrounding them.

                "Jayfeather what are you talking about? Could she be the fo--" the medicine cat's head shook to answer Dovewing's question.

                "No, but she is no ordinary cat." Crescentmoon's head cocked in question

               "Okay now what are you talking about? Can someone please tell me." Dovewing looked up at the other she-cat, her blue eyes held worry.

               "Firestar got a prophecy a long time ago. 'There will be three, kin of your kin...Who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.' " they all shuffled from each paw uncomfortably. But Dovewing continued.

"Again not too long ago Jayfeather got a prophecy from the tribe of rushing water. 'The end is near. Three must become four to challenge the darkness that last forever.' That's why I asked Jayfeather if you might have been th--" Dovewing stopped as Lionblaze turned his head to look at the grey she-cat.

                "Like Jayfeather said she's not the fourth." He turned away from Dovewing and walked into the underbrush. Jayfeather sighed and followed him, Crescentmoon was left with the younger she-cat.

               "I'm sorry." Dovewing followed the others and the white she-cat was left alone, she walked blindly looking at the ground till she bumped into someone. Dark grey fur blurred her vision, strong paws pinned Crescentmoon down. She recognized the scent of the cats around her, Crowfeather, Emberfoot, Sunstrike, Heathertail, and Breezepelt surrounded the white she-cat. Crescentmoon looked up at Crowfeather his blue eyes cold.

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