It has been a struggle from the beginning...

This is a warrior cats fan fiction. I have added a few of my characters and i hope that you enjoy. This is after the Last Hope but the First Chapter goes back a while where they just found out that Dovewing is the third. I'll post it later and once you read it you'll understand it more. I'm going to post Chapter one in parts because it's 18 pages long on my word document. So yah this is part one i hope you like it. Warrior Cat characters belong to Erin Hunter.


3. Meet Me

                  "What are you doing on WindClan territory!" Crescentmoon's eyes flickered from Crowfeather to Breezepelt, his amber eyes filled with fear. Crowfeather growled and hissed his question again "What are you doing on WindClan territory!" Crescentmoon flung the dark grey tom off of her and got to her paws,

                 "Sorry I didn't smell the scent lines. Their kinda stale if you don't know." Heathertail trussed her way to the white ThunderClan she-cat.

                "What do you think where doing here?" the light brown tabby hissed,

                "Heathertail stop acting like your deputy." Crescentmoon could see the other she-cat's claws slide out from her paws. She turned to leave ignoring Heathertail as she spoke,

                "I may not be deputy but I still am stronger then you Crescentmoon." The ThunderClan she-cat crossed the border her fur bristled lightly

               "Yah right, you can't even fight off a badger by yourself." Crescentmoon smirked; I was the one that saved that mangy she-cat from almost being killed by a badger, she should not be treating me like this! Urg! I could have let you die, but no. I had to save her mangy pelt!

              "Like you can!" Heathertail snarled, Crescentmoon turned around and laughed

              "I did Heathertail; if it weren't for me you would be dead." she turned back and went deeper into her own territory, just straying by the WindClan border for a heart-beat.

              "I'll go check if she's gone." Breezepelt's voice came from the other side of the border-markings. "Crescentmoon?" his whisper made her jump, she didn't know where it was coming from "Meet me in the abandoned two-leg nest tonight if you can, okay?" he didn't wait for a response. He left after his last words. Crescentmoon headed back to camp, but as she entered camp she could see that everyone was gathering to leave. Riverstorm and Ghostclaw stood together waiting. They both looked eager to leave. Splashfur walked to the front of the line with Firestar. Graystripe was behind both of them with Millie and Scorchtail. Firestar looked back to all the cats behind him.

              "ThunderClan let's go!" as the last cat's tail vanished threw the entrance, Lionblaze and Cinderheart left camp together after a few seconds. Crescentmoon looked away as Lionblaze looked towards her she felt her fur start to warm. Her ears pricked as she heard movement from her left. Foxleap got up from his place by Hazeltail and walked over to the white she-cat.

              "Wanna eat with me?" the reddish tabby tom smiled, Crescentmoon got to her paws and walked with him to the fresh-kill pile. He grabbed two mice and led her towards the camp entrance. When the two sat down to keep guard, his pelt barely brushed the beautiful she-cat's that sat beside him. When they did touch he would flinch, Crescentmoon could feel the heat from his fur come off of him. She smiled and bit into her mouse the taste of the forest flooded over her tongue, she finished her mouse in a few rapid bites, so did Foxleap. Crescentmoon set her head on her paws and leaned against Foxleap.

"You can fall asleep Crescentmoon, I mean if you want." Foxleap started to purr, he turned and looked down at her

               "Thanks Foxleap. I owe you once again." Crescentmoon stretched and soon found slumber to the reddish tabby tom's purr.


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