It has been a struggle from the beginning...

This is a warrior cats fan fiction. I have added a few of my characters and i hope that you enjoy. This is after the Last Hope but the First Chapter goes back a while where they just found out that Dovewing is the third. I'll post it later and once you read it you'll understand it more. I'm going to post Chapter one in parts because it's 18 pages long on my word document. So yah this is part one i hope you like it. Warrior Cat characters belong to Erin Hunter.


9. Are you Sure?

As Spiderleg and Crescentmoon entered camp they headed to put their catches on the fresh-kill pile. The two passed Firestar and Brambleclaw something caught her eye, someone was behind them she turned her head to look back but no one stood with the two toms. She spotted Lionblaze with Dovewing. Crescentmoon turned away to see Foxleap. She didn’t feel like talking to Lionblaze after what happened in the forest

      “Oh Foxleap. I was meaning to ask you something.” His gaze traveled to the she-cat

      “And what would that be.” His tone both curious and playful

      “Do you know where Jayfeather is?” his amber eyes looked around,

      “He just walked into his den with Splashfur and Graystripe.” Crescentmoon turned her head just in time to see Graystripe’s tail disappear into the medicine cats den.

      “Thanks. Uh, I’ll see you later.” He just nodded and she ran to Jayfeathers den

      “You’re expecting kits.” A single purr came from the behind the ferns.

       “So how many kits will she be expecting?” Graystripes meow was filled with excitement,

       “Well. She’ll be having at least four kits.” Crescentmoon could hear the sound of a tongue on fur.

       “Thank you Jayfeather. So when are you going to tell Scorchtail?” She could see them coming towards the entrance,

      “I want to tell him as soon as possible. Graystripe thank you.” The grey tom looked at Crescentmoon’s mother with happiness and joy in his eyes

      “For what?” Splashfur’s tail twined with Graystripes.

      “For being there for me when Phoenixstep, Winterpaw, Echoflame, and Sunpaw died.” Graystripe flicked her ear.

     “You did the same when Silverstream passed. But even when I go to join StarClan I will always be there for you.” Crescentmoon disappeared into the thick clump of fern as they passed

      “Crescentmoon come here.” Jayfeathers voice made the she-cat almost jump out of her skin. She walked into the den where the sun illuminated everything

“Did you hear what Splashfur said?” She nodded. “Good I want to try something,” his tail beckoned her closer

“I want you to remember what Splashfur said I want you to focus on how Scorchtail’s reaction will be when she tells him.” Crescentmoon closed her eyes. Letting the blackness take over her

“How is he going to react?” the she-cat let her mind focus on his words then a faint fuzzy image came into view.

      “H…He’s going to be filled with joy. He’ll come into camp and he’s going to say ‘Splashfur’s expecting my kits!’ everyone will congratulate him. And Firestar will announce it at the next gathering.”Crescentmoon’s shoulders stiffened her back arched.

“No!” the she-cat’s legs buckled underneath her a shadow stood behind Jayfeather. She collapsed onto the floor. Her eyes opened to see Jayfeather sitting beside her. He opened his mouth to speak but it was drowned out by Scorchtail’s voice.

     “Splashfur’s expecting my kits!” the medicine cat smiled which was rare but when they got into the clearing everyone was saying congratulations in a tight circle around Crescentmoon’s father. Lionblaze ran over to her tail high.

      “Did you hear the news?” Crescentmoon just nodded but of course Jayfeather had to say something,

      “More like saw it.” That’s when Lionblazes ears pricked,

      “What do you mean by saw it?” Once again as the she-cat tried to say something the grey tabby tom interrupted.

      “She ca--.” Crescentmoon’s fur prickled with fear as Lionblaze looked at her with curiosity.

      “Nothing he meant nothing!” The white she-cat leaped at Jayfeather she covered his mouth with her fluffy white tail, Lionblaze then turned his gaze to Jayfeather

      “Are you sure that she’s not the fourth.” Crescentmoon wanted to hiss out but couldn’t. She let her mind unravel into Jayfeathers the she-cat’s sight became fuzzy then sharp again.

     “Stop it Crescentmoon!” she jumped back Jayfeathers voice was filled with anger his fur bristled. Her white fur did the same.

     “I can do what I want; you have no right to tell me otherwise!” She stalked away from the two toms and over to Splashfur and Scorchtail. Scorchtail’s dark ginger fur stood out from Splashfur’s pale blue-gray. Like fire and ice.

“I’m so happy for you both.” She pressed her muzzle into theirs. After she walked over to the warriors den her nest was gone.

     “Cherrypaw threw it away, since it was torn to shreds.” Cloudtail’s white fur was barely visible in the dark.

     “Oh okay.” Crescentmoon walked out and went to collect moss for a new nest. The earth was still damp the scents were all washed away. Crescentmoon’s paws sunk a little in the soft dirt as she wove around the trees looking for dry moss. A familiar flame-colored pelt rushed by,

     “Hurry up there coming!” Someone called from ahead of Sunpaw. Crescentmoon ran after the small apprentice.  Flashes of flames trailed off of him.

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