a new life

A couple of girls, Josie and Bailee are best friends and when Josie's dad becomes their manager, Bailee goes with her, they both are singers tagging along with the boys on a crazy twist in their lives that have both good and bad parts for them both in store for them.


3. the big suprise

Josie's P.O.V.

  I just could not wipe that huge smile off my face! I had to call the boys out from the corner soon because I knew Bailee was one of the biggest fans I know for 1 direction. 

"You are never going to guess who my dad's new client is!" I practically yelled at her.


"Who is it!?!?" She yelled at me. I knew I had to call them out now.


"BOYS! COME HERE NOW!" I yelled, the Liam slipped when he was in the front and all the boys fell down right away, me and her giggled before she realized who the people that where running towards her where. She got wide eyed and stood there like a stachue in the middle of the park.


Bailee's P.O.V.

     I immediately froze when I saw Harry's face, Harry is my favorite boy in the little possie. Harry then walked up to me and said "hi there love" and gave out his normal cheeky smile letting his dimples show. I was finally meeting one direction, my favorite boy band ever. I almost forgot to say hi to all the boys I was so shocked.



Sorry for the short chapter! It will get better, don't worry

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