a new life

A couple of girls, Josie and Bailee are best friends and when Josie's dad becomes their manager, Bailee goes with her, they both are singers tagging along with the boys on a crazy twist in their lives that have both good and bad parts for them both in store for them.


2. the big news

Bailee's P.O.V.

   I was eating dinner when my phone buzzed, I got up from the table and put mine dishes in the sink and quickly ran up to my room, a text from Josie! 

To Bailee-

   Hey babe! How are you doing? We got a promotion by the way, we are now traveling and going to different places to model, we are now working for the candy lips magazine! And we are both the candy lip girls, and meet me at the park in 10 minutes, OK babe?


To Josie-

    Hey babe! I am doing great! Thanks for asking! So we are now traveling to model? Sweet! OK, I will see you in 10 and what is the big news?


To Bailee-

      You will just have to find out, and wear something nice babe:)


To Josie-

    OK, I will babe, and how big is the surprise?


To Bailee-

    You will just have to find out babe:)


I stopped replying and got into some nice black leather jeans, a blue tank top with a small black no zip or button up sweater and some blue flats to match them. I headed out the door and walked about 4 minutes to the small London park in the center of town. I waited on the bench and put my hair into a neat bun. A few moments later, Josie came around the corner with a huge smile on her face...



Sorry for the sorta crappy chapter, I was a little pinched on time today and will try to update every day<3 if you want me to do anything like add in Danielle or something like that but I won't rush into things to fast unless you people want me to, just leave your thoughts in the comment bar, thanks!<3

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