a new life

A couple of girls, Josie and Bailee are best friends and when Josie's dad becomes their manager, Bailee goes with her, they both are singers tagging along with the boys on a crazy twist in their lives that have both good and bad parts for them both in store for them.


4. leaving home

Josie's P.O.V.

    "Ya, these boys are my dad's new clients so he told me you are coming on the next tour with us because the modeling studios are in the same towns and our modeling manager has set up everything for the shots!" I quickly said to her


"But what about my parents? What if they say I can't go with you?" She said worryingly.


"My dad has already talked your parents into it, he brought up the fact that the modeling shoots were in the same towns. He convinced your parents enough and said to take care of you." I said back to her. I could tell Naill's stare burning into me. Harry was stuck on Bailee though, he was almost drooling, haha.


"Yay! I can go then! When are we leaving!?" I almost forgot to tell her!


"We are leaving tomorrow at 7am. So go get your stuff packed up and you can spend the night at my house with me and the boys, if you want?" I told her, she said she would walk over to my house and spend the night since we were leaving early, Harry had offered to go with her and she obviously let him. Then we all went our separate ways for a while

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