A/N HIIII! This was originally on my abondoned account (guitar star) but then I decided to write it on my new (well not anymore) account! This time it will make all of your emotions come alive! On my other account it was called I've moved on, but now I've put a twist on it that no one will ever figure out until the last words of the book! Enjoy! (But you don't have to, I have no control over your emotions) P.S. This book is not that similar to I've Moved On, but It has the same idea............
I thought I was over you! I guess not because I'm back at your door begging for you to come back. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just be happy? I guess I never will be.... Or at least that's what I think.......
P.S. One Direction is NOT famous in this story!


2. Make it up as we go

Carter's POV
I woke up feeling another body next to me. I didn't remember much from last night, but the body was sooo warm. I snuggled deeper into the mystery persons chest making the person laugh.....wait a minute! I recognize that laugh from anywhere! It's LOUIS! My BOYFRIEND! In yo faces!  Haha....ha...

"Morning beautiful." Louis said in his oh-so-sexy voice.

"Mmmm morning." I said snuggling even deeper into his chest placing my face between the crook in his neck and his shoulder. He started to get up, but I grabbed him making him fall next to me...again.

"Damnnn! For a girl, you're strong!" He exclaimed, I giggled.

"I want to stay in this bed all day cuddled up next to youuuuuu!" I said snuggling up to him again.

"I wish, but we have commitments we have to attend." he said sounding serious....RARE SIGHT ALLERT!!

"Fuck commitments!" I yelled snuggling up to him even more, I that's even possible. Then I decided I was hungry so I got up out of bed, but then I tripped and hit my head. My vision started to get blurry as I cried out to Louis in pain. He started to panic before calling 911............I blacked out before anyone could help me.

*Unidentified amount of time passes*

Everything's fuzzy around me. I'm in utter darkness and I can't see (OBVIOUSLY), but I luckily can hear just fine. I heard sniffling beside me.

"Carter, please wake up! I can't live another day without you next to me!" oh. my. god. LOUIS! Wait, how long have I been unconscious, even though I still practically am.. The bed shifted telling me that Louis got up and went somewhere else. Ok Carter, on the count of 4 we are going to open my eyes. 1-2-3-4...... Must. Open. Eyes! UGH! Too much work, I think I'll just go back to sleep.....I fell asleep a little bit after I "tried" opening my eyes. I hope Louis's alright. He sounded really upset when he was talking to me.....


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