A/N HIIII! This was originally on my abondoned account (guitar star) but then I decided to write it on my new (well not anymore) account! This time it will make all of your emotions come alive! On my other account it was called I've moved on, but now I've put a twist on it that no one will ever figure out until the last words of the book! Enjoy! (But you don't have to, I have no control over your emotions) P.S. This book is not that similar to I've Moved On, but It has the same idea............
I thought I was over you! I guess not because I'm back at your door begging for you to come back. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just be happy? I guess I never will be.... Or at least that's what I think.......
P.S. One Direction is NOT famous in this story!


1. Bleed out

Louis's POV

Have you ever had so much regret for something that you did that you just want to run? No? Ok.....well, that's how I feel.

"Babe, you there?" I heard El shout from downstairs. I decided not to reply and scare her, but then i heard....Moans? I thought she was alone, but i guess not....Or it she? (DUN DUN DUN) I snuck down the stairs (Imma spy!) and i saw something i never wanted to see again. My vision started getting blurry from the tears welling up in my eyes. 

*moan* *moan* *moan* (I don't know how to make moany sounds sooooo....) (BTW if you don't know what El is doing to make Louis so upset.. she is doing "IT" with another man) (If you know what I mean *Imagine me wiggling my eyebrows*)

"Why El?" I said, more like whispered. She turned around surprised that I was home.

"I...Uh.....Um....I-" she said failing to find a lie to tell me.

"Save it! We're Through!" I yelled as i ran outside. I'm not sure where i was running I just wanted to get away from all of this drama and pain. I was still crying (RARE SIGHT) so I sat down at a park.....Luckily it was dark so no one could recognize me even though no on was here. I pulled my legs up to my chest, putting my head in between my knees and started crying loudly. Suddenly i felt weight shift on the other side of the bench. I looked up. Oh great it's a girl (Note da sarcasm dawg) 

"Are you alright?" She asked, but i just shook my head no. I put my head between my legs again and started crying, REALLY loudly. 

"Wanna talk about it?" She asked, but i shook my head no again. I was still crying, but the whole time i was crying the mystery girl kept trying to calm me down, She was rubbing my back and saying calming things in my ear, but nothing could calm me down from what I just saw. I finally got myself to stop crying (AFTER LIKE 2 FREAKING HOURS!!) I still felt terribly though. I was surprised to see her still sitting next to me, rubbing my back. 

"*sniffle* Why are you being so nice to me? *sniffle* *sniffle*" I asked still trying to not cry because I FINALLY stopped crying and tried to smile a little when she noticed I talked and stopped crying.

"You know,  I'm not actually sure why i comforted you in the first place. You seemed so broken, and no one was helping you get back on your feet.  I know how that feels, I've actually tried to commit suicide before, but then I realize that doesn't give anyone joy. You need to stay strong and prove them wrong. This might sound weird since I just met you, but you seem special. Actually you ARE special don't let anyone tear you down." After she said those words I gave her the biggest hug ever, but i started crying again. Even though we were here at the park for like two hours she still comforted me. 

"Hey, don't cry. Do you wanna go back to my place and we can watch movies and eat ice cream?" I smiled at the thought of ice cream. She laughed as I nodded my head really fast like when you ask a little kid if they wanna go get a toy. She got up off the bench and helped me off the bench and we started walking towards her house. 

"Are you sure your parents wouldn't mind me coming to your house?" I asked, suddenly realizing that it wouldn't just be me and her. She suddenly looked kind of sad.

"Um....I live on my own....." she said really quietly..Weird. 

"Oh,  I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you sad." I said realizing that I hit a soft spot of hers. 

"It's ok. Here we are. This is my house, I'm sorry that it's so small. I usually don't get much company."

"It's ok, as long as we get ice cream I'm happy!" I said suddenly cheering up. She laughed. God, I love her laugh. She opened the door and stepped inside. It was a really tiny flat, but it felt like home. She told me to pick out a movie while she got the ice cream out. I picked Supermannnnnnnn!! I put the movie in right when she walked out with the ice cream! YAYY!! OM NOM NOM!!

"What movie did you pick?" She asked as she flopped down on the couch.

"SUPERMANNNNNNNNNNNN!!" I yelled making her giggle.

"Hey! I just realize something!" I said, ok maybe yelled.

"What?" She asked scared about something...Hmmm....

"I don't know your name!" I yelled...again. What can I say I like yelling.

"Oh, right. I'm Carter, Carter Payne." she said sticking out her hand expecting me to shake it. NUH UH GIRLFREIND!

"I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson!" I said acting like I was going to shake her hand, but at last minute I engulfed her in a hug. Then we started watching the movie. In the middle of the movie I noticed she was shivering....

"Hey, where are your blankets?" I asked. 

"Down the hall on the second door to the left." I got up practically ran to the blankets. I only got one HUGE blanket. *Wiggles eyebrows* If you know what I mean. I went back to Carter and put the blanket over her and me. She snuggled up to me and started closing her eyes. Awwww she looks so adorable when she sleeps. I decided not to wake her up so I put my head on top of hers and slowly fell asleep.....Maybe this is fate. I thought as I fell asleep. The thought kept coming through my mind, until El came into my dreams. She started yelling at me, but all I could say was, "El," while she walked off with her "New lover." I started crying again.....Why me? Then I thought of me and Carter kissing under the light of the stars. I started to smile, until I woke up to the sight of Carter crying. I tried to comfort her, but she kept backing away. Suddenly she stood up.

"I think you should go." What?!

"Carter, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Please just leave." 

"If it's nothing then why are you crying about it."

"OK, YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG?!" She yelled, I nodded my head yes. 


"sh..sh.. It's alright Carter. I wasn't going to tell you until later, but I guess I'll tell you now. The reason I was so upset yesterday was because my EX-girlfriend, El cheated on me after we were together for a year." She looked up smiling now.

"So you're not dating anyone?"

"Nope, I'm single as a pringle, but not for long." Her face fell when I said those last four words.

"So, Carter Payne, would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" She looked up with the BIGGEST smile on her face. I loved making her happy. 

"YES!!" She yelled, rapping her small arms around me and giving me a huge kiss. Maybe Carter's the one I've been looking for...


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