Being Harry's Little Sister {EXTREME EDITING!}

Aubrey is a young soccer star. She meets someone and starts sneaking around with him. Doing things a normal 17 year old should not be doing. She later finds out he is her brother's band mate. What will she do?


3. 3. Waking Up

I can't open my eyes but I can hear everything happening around me. Car doors slamming. Harry trying to wake me up. Him yelling for my mum. My dad running in from work. Screaming. Yelling. Crying. All because of me.


I open my eyes and realize that I am in an unfamiliar room. A hospital room to be exact. Harry is holding my hand and sleeping on my stomach. I reach out, with the hand he Is not holding, and run my fingers through his curls.

"Wake up curly top." I whisper. Being careful not to wake my parents. "You stupid little girl!" He wakes up and touches my face to make sure he isn't dreaming.

"You missed your flight, Harry." I run my fingers through his curls. "Nah. We postponed the tour. The fans might be mad, but they will understand once we tell them its for our families." He replies as he adjusts himself so he is sitting upright on the bed.

"I told you I created problems. If I didn't exist, you would be in the United States with your band, having fun doing concerts!" Tears threaten to fall from my eyes. "You and i both know that if i wasn't born-"


"If you weren't born I would still be a loser. You are the one who pushed me to go on the X-Factor. You pushed me to sing. You have made a difference in my life, Aubrey. A good difference. Now tell me, what happened to your face and arms?"

"I got hit with a locker..." I let my voice trail off, hoping he doesn't question me any further. "On your legs  and arms too? I'm not stupid Bree. Tell me the truth." He points to the bruises on my face and arms.

"Mckenzie got her boyfriend and his team mates to beat me up in the locker room. But don't get mad. Its not like I can't take care of myself. You should see them after the fight!" I try to make a joke of thew situation so he wont get himself into some sort of trouble.


"What is this?" I question, staring at my arm. "What is what?" He asks while propping himself up on his forearms. "This?" I hold up my arm. "That would be an arm." He retorts sarcastically.

"Shut up Harry! Is it a cast or am i just seeing things?"I try to make sense of the bright orange cast on my arm. "You broke your arm trying to fly out the window!"

Ideas swarm in my head. "But now I can't play in the championship game! God! I'm so stupid!" I scream, expressing my frustration, waking my parents up.

"Aubrey rose! You had us scared out of our minds! How dare you?!" My father stands and waves his pointer finger in my direction.

"I know. I know. Grounded for a month right?!" I mimic my father's tone when he is angry and guess my punishment for jumping off my roof.

"No. You get to go to your game tomorrow. The championship is it?" A smirk grows on his face. He knows what he is doing. And he knows I will never forgive him for this. "You can't play. You get to watch your friends and teammates loose because they don't have their center."

My jaw nearly drops. My mother leans on his shoulder, trying to talk him out of such a cruel punishment. "That is pure evil!" I reply, Crossing my arms.

"STOP! She could have died! Can you at least give her some time to recover before you start yelling at her?!" Harry sticks up for me as my father fumes with anger.

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