Being Harry's Little Sister {EXTREME EDITING!}

Aubrey is a young soccer star. She meets someone and starts sneaking around with him. Doing things a normal 17 year old should not be doing. She later finds out he is her brother's band mate. What will she do?


2. 2. School

I hear the last bell of the day. I start to get up but realize there will still be people in the hall. I look at my phone. Ten minutes before the buses leave. I grab my bag from the floor and wait by the door.

"Hello? I kinda need to use that stall. Are you done? You are standing at the door. Will ya open it up?" I hear the voice of my best friend. "Josh! Save me!" I jump out and wrap my arms around his neck.

"What the heck are you doing In here? And why are you covered in, yuck! I get that you are a Tom boy and all but you don't have to use the boys bathroom!"

I take my head off of his shoulder. "What happened to your beautiful face?!?" He questions as he pushes pieces of my hair our of my face. "Football." I reply simply.

"I told you that you should stick to soccer! Not football sweetie!" He giggles.


"No. The players. Mckenzie got her boyfriend and some of his friends to bring me in here and do this to me." I motion to my face.

"What did you do to her?" He questions further as he examines my face, grabbing a towel and dabbing some blood off of my forehead.

"I made fun of her precious manicure!" I shrug and giggle at the thought of it. She is so worried about her nails that she had me beat up. Petty.

"Well, how are we going to get you out of here?" I shrug. "I don't know. I was trying to figure that out all day!" I pull him into the stall once I hear the door open.

"All day! You have been in here all day?!" He whispers, trying not to draw any attention to us.  "Ok well throw this hoodie on. Keep the hood up. Head down. Ok?" He pulls his jacket off and hands it to me. "Thank you so much!" I kiss his cheek and pull the hood over my head.

"No problem. Lets just go." He looks at his watch. "The buses just left. Want me to drive you home?" He grabs his backpack and slings it over his shoulder.

"No!" I quickly shoot his offer down. "Ok. Jeez. I was just offering." He throws his hands up and walks out.

I just need some time to think. I walk out of the bathroom and run out of the school. I decide to take the long way home. T I round the corner just as Harry is pulling in the driveway.

"Great!" Now he will know I was late! I sprint home and run up to my bedroom. I open up the window and drop my bag onto the floor. I look at the little ledge out of the window. My only escape from this world. I climb onto the windowsill and prepare to jump.

"STOP! BREE! What are you doing? What happened to your face?" Harry bursts through the door and walk over to me.

"Don't ask!" I shout as I cling to the ledge. "Too late I just did! Answer me!" He shouts as he comes closer to the window.

"None of your business!" I reply and shuffle down the ledge so he cant grab me. "Yes it is. My little sister is going to jump out if a third story window. Please. Let me help!" He reaches his hand out for me to grab. I crawl onto the low hanging roof beside my window and stare at the concrete patio below.

"It doesn't matter. Nothing matters any more!" I scream as tears fill my eyes, causing my vision to blur. "You matter Aubrey! Please. Come back inside. It is safer in here!" Harry reaches for me. I open up my arms and get ready to fall backwards onto the concrete.

"Aubrey! Answer me. Don't fall. Don't jump. I need my baby sister! Please!" Harry continues to shout for me.

"I just make things hard for everyone. I love you Harry." I allow myself to fall off the roof and plummet to the pavement below. "Noooo! Don't do it Aubrey!"


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