Being Harry's Little Sister {EXTREME EDITING!}

Aubrey is a young soccer star. She meets someone and starts sneaking around with him. Doing things a normal 17 year old should not be doing. She later finds out he is her brother's band mate. What will she do?


1. 1. Bus Stop

I stand in the bathroom and brush my dirty blonde curls to remove all of the knots. My hair falls just below my shoulder in their natural curliness. I debate throwing it into a bun but quickly decide against it. I would regret it later when my hair was just one giant rat's nest.


I grab my backpack and hop down the stairs before rushing out the front door. I am already late for the bus. I don't want to miss it again. Harry usually drives me to school but he has been a little busy lately. "Bye Harry." I pop an elbow into his side as I pass him on the driveway.


"Where are you going Bree?" Harry grabs my wrist, spinning me around, leaving me unbalanced.


"School. I am already late. Just please let me go. I don't want to miss the bus again." I pull my arm out of his grasp and continue briskly walking down the street.


"Wait for me!" Harry yells as he tosses the rag he had in his hands and begins running to catch up to me. "We always drive together so I though we could walk together on the one of the last days I would see you in a while. You know?"


Great. He didn't need to remind me that he is leaving soon. He goes on tour with his stupid boy band every year and I hardly ever get to see him anymore.


"Whatever. Lets just go. I am already late." I run down the sidewalk and laugh as he struggles to catch up. "How do you expect to be able to run from fans if you cant even catch up to your baby sister?" I question as I near the bus stop.


"Maybe the fans wont all be training for the Olympics like you?" He giggles and places his hand on my back before kissing my cheek goodbye. "See you at your game." He whispers in my ear and begins running back to our house.


I avoid eye contact with the others as the bus creeps down the street.




 I throw my backpack onto the floor and open up my locker. I grab the books I need and throw them into my bag. I put it on my back and slam my locker shut. I turn around to go to my first period class but I am stopped short. "Hi loser."

Mckenzie smiles and smacks my books on the floor with her newly painted fingers. "I am surprised you did that. I wouldn't want you to ruin your nail polish!" I mock her naisily voice and retort sarcastically.

I try to push past her but notice a few players from the football team standing behind her. "Make it hurt. She insulted my manicure."

Two of the overly buff boys lift me by my arms while the other two lift my legs and carry me down the hall.

"Noting to see here. Keep moving. As you were!" They yell as students stop to watch me being carried down the hall above their heads.

They take me into the boys locker room. I close my eyes. Hoping this is all a dream. Maybe they wont touch me this time. Maybe they will just let me off with a warning. "I wont make fun of her nails ever again. I swear!" I throw my hands up in defense as they drop me on the cold wet floor.


The begin to beat me until the first period bell rings after what feels like a life time. I crawl to the sink and use it as a crutch to help myself stand. I stare at myself in the grimy and disgusting mirror above the sink.


It seems as if my face is one giant punching bag to them. My face is swollen. Only one black eye though. At least I can still see my face! I touch my cheeks but flinch. My head jerks to the side when I hear the door open.


I lock myself in the largest stall and sit in the corner. Don't get me wrong. This bathroom is nasty and the floor is covered in god knows what, but it sure is a heck of a lot better than being seen in the boys locker room. That would ruin my life. I would be known as the girl who hangs out in the boys bathroom.

I wait in the stall. Sitting on top of the closed toilet seat, hoping no one looks under the stall and sees me.


Hey all! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I am back on movellas!!!!! Please leave feedback. I am majorly editing this story bc carroty and bad spelling and grammar and stuff.

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