Dont read this story like really bro dont -_-


1. He's Home

I sat in the little cafe on the corner of Coutler ave. waiting for my last customer of the day. Waiting to go home and see my brother who has been on tour for the last 6 months. Waiting for this crappy day to end. Waiting to go home say my hellos to my brother and take a hot shower and go to sleep. Waiting. Thats all I do.

   So far this day has been terrible. I woke up with a headache, so I took some meds and then I was fine. Then i found out this morning that my mother is going to visit my father in the United States for the rest of the summer, and shes leaving tomorrow afternoon... Thanks for telling me this I thought.

   Then my stupid boss is all on my case about how i need to be more careful when I am behind the doors in the kitchen.So to sum everything up today has sucked. Well I thought at least therse one good thing about today, Niall.

   Fianally my last cusomer of the day walks in. I give him his food and check then i leave. I headed for my car which was parked around the corner of the cafe. It's a small silver-blue Ford Mustang and I love it.

On my way home i noticed that there had been an accident on route 15. "Great," i said to myself "Now i have to go the long way." and thats what I did.

I guess that Niall must have known i was home because i knew he was hiding somewhere because all the lights were off as if everyone was asleep but it's only 8:30 and i know my family. Very causiosly i walked into the house after parking my car on the other side of the street because Niall took my spot.

   I went to turn on the light in the living room when as soon as i did this someone grabbed me from behind. I automaticly recignized the deep and heavy accented voice of my brother. "Hey Bennie hows it going"

   I knew he would do it and somehow he still managed to scare the shit out of me "Niall! What the hell you scared me!" I yelled at him while turning around ready to hug him.

   "Hey didnt anybody ever tell you not to sware in front of guests."

   "Niall, you live here you are not a guest."

   "That isn't what i mean Ben."

   " Then What are you talking about and dont call me ben nobody calles me that anymore." I said in a weird tone, not one that i am used to either.

   "Except for me" i heard from a familiar voice say while being picked up and spun bridal style

   " Harry!," I shreiked "OMG put me down!" i orderd him while laughing and screaming hysterically.

   He set me down on the couch and sat next to me, and Niall sat on the couch across from us.

   "So where are the other boys at?" I asked

   "Umm I know Zayn is making the sleeping arangements with mum, and Liam is upstairs somewhere, but im not sure where Louis is." Niall explained

   "Oh okay if anybody is wondering where i am ill be in my room." I told them. On my way upsatirs i stopped in and said hi to Zayn and my mother, but mostly Zayn because i am still angry at my mother over the visiting-my-father thing. It was a quick hello before i heard a crash come from my room and ran to investigate.

    I flung open my bedroom door to see Liam fiddiling with the footboard of my bed. "Bennie I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-"

   "it's okay," I reasured him "That thing falls down all the time, it's really old so don't worry about it." He finisheshed putting it back up onto the bed."What are you doing in here anyways Liam James." I said and moved my eybrows up to make it seem like I was acctually serious.

   "Uhh nothing, I was just uhhh, ummm," He was stalling and i knew it, and by the look on his face he knew that i knew so he finished "Snooping." He said with a smirk.

   "Hahaha it's okay i dont care, anyways," I moved in and hugged him. It was a friendly hug not one that said 'I love you' but one that was serious "Hello and, how have you been."

   "Well, now that you say something," He said, "Not good, I want to talk to you about something."

   "So talk."

   "umm can we go somewhere private?"

   "Liam, it's my bedroom" I reasured him "It's a little too private as it is."

   "No," he told me "Somewhere like a park or a cafe or something like that." I thought a moment before speaking again.

   "Oh I know the perfect place c'mon lets go." I took him by his wrist half draging half pulling out of my room and to the car.

   "Where are we going, shouldn't we tell your mom or Niall at the least?"He asked

   "No, I'll text him and my mom and I are at a dissagreement right now so I wont be talking to her. Niall can." The rest of the ride was silent. It took about 20 mins. to get there and I hope it's worth it. "Liam, we're here."

   "Oh okay, ice cream I should've known."

   "What everybody likes ice cream." We ordered and sat down in a booth close to the corner of the parlor. "Now will you talk?"

   "yes I will, look ben, bennie I've liked you for some time now and there is just so much I want to tell you but i don't know how, so I'm going to start of by saying that-"

   "Liam, stop"




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