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2. Confronting

A/N I changed Bennies name to piper it sounds more badass than bennie...Story time!!!


Liam actually looked stunned by the fact that i told him to stop "What, what is it is it something i said or-or did," He hesitated "Do you not like me back because I can forget this night ever happened."He looked really hurt.

   "No, no Liam it's that you don't need to continue,I like you too but, I didn't Know if you liked me back or not so i just kept my mouth shut, but uhh I don't know how Nialls gonna take this news. I mean you were there whenever he got mad because Jace just touched me."


   "kinda geekey looking tall blonde came over one night without being invited.." God I thought I sound like a teacher...

   "Oh yea I remember now. Anyway Niall will just have to live with it." I got a text message from my mother then Change in plans leaving right now see you when i get back bye I just replied with a simple 'bye'




   "No," Niall said, "As much as I love and trust Liam he can still hurt you and I don't want that" Niall and I were alone now in the living room Liam went up to change into pajamas.

   "But Niall it isn't fair, do you think i agreed with some of the girl friends you've had!" I was yelling now "You should at least give him a chance!"

   "No! I said, no and thats the final answer!" Niall was yelling too now.

   "Ahhh you are impossible!" i screamed at him and ran up into the bathroom to take a shower and get this day over with passing Louis on the way.

   "What's all that about?" He asked

   "Nothing please dont worry about it, sibling fued."

    I  got in the shower and about 5 mins later I heard the boys banging around and yelling at each other

   "humpf," I said aloud, "Boys" I let out a sigh and muttered "I just cleand the whole house yesterday." I got out of the shower without washing my hair. I got dressed, and was about to walk out of the bathroom to see what was going on but just before I got to the door I heard Louis shout.

   "Liam don't" And that was all I heard before Liam walked in, he closed and locked the door behind him.

   "Liam what's going on?" I tried to ask but what came out was "L-Liam w-what whats goin" because he backed me up into the wall and started kissing me. I noticed that before he pushed me against the wall that he ad a fresh cut along his forehead and a new bruise on his coller bone. It wasn't at all like I had expected it to be. It was a hard and painful kiss instead of a passionate, light kiss like I would have expected it to be.

   I tasted blood now, and then i realized that he was sqeezing me in a very  tight hug "Liam," I tried to say between his kiss " Liam get off, your hurting me." Then I slipped on some water that never got sopped up with my towel and i hit my head off the sink.

   Harry and Zayn came in at that point and managed to pull him off of me,and get him out of the bathroom. Zayn and Harry were also banged up as if they'd all been fighting. But nobody was hurt bad. "Zayn go calm Liam down" Harry ordered and Zayn obeyed. When he was gone I knew that I was about to pass out and then I saw Harry kneeling over me with a clean towel. "Piper, are you ok, your bleeding." He pulled me to the toilet and put the towel to a cut I got on  my head when I fell.

   "Yeah," I said, "What was that all about"

   "I will explain everything in the car," he sounded really concerned, "You need to go to a hospital." Great I thought I hate hospitals but if its nessicary I will go

   "Okay" It was only me and Harry going because he told me Louis was going with Niall to a hospital in an ambulance, and Zayn was with Liam.

   "Whats wrong with Louis?" I asked him

   "Because," His voice began to fade, I physically couldn't force myself not to pass out at this point so I just let it happen, "Piper" I heard "Piper dont-" then I was out.

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