When I was 16 I met one of the most handsomest guy. His name was Niall Horan, we met at a party and had a fling but after that night I never saw him again. Until one day I discovered he had became the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.


3. T H R E E

                      After School

After school jissette came over to my house and we lounged around until 5 O'clock. Then we decided what we were going to wear to the party. I am going to wear a black pair of shorts and a white lose tank top and i just refreshed my make up from earlier. Jissette wore a cute black dress that went right above her knee and suited her cuves perfectly and I did her make up just right.

We arrived to the party around 8:30 and Danced for awhile it got really hot in there so I went outside for air. When I walked outside I checked the time on my phone it said 10:30. Wow. I sat down on a bench and  took in the scenary. Brad had an amazing back yard it had grass and a pool with lights all around and it had a huge water fountain, it looked nice and calming so i walked over to it and sat down.

I was admiring the night stars when i felt a presence next to me. I assumed it was jissette so i turned around immediantly but instead saw a boy with blonde hair and BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. He had crooked teeth but it only added on to his perfectness. I just sat there looking at him like a retard.

  *Nialls P.O.V* 

I needed a breather so i walked out to my mates backyard it was beautiful. But it didn't compare to the most beautiful girl I saw sitting at the fountain. I knew I had no chance but I atleast wanted to get her name. And get the chance to say, Wow I actually talked to her.

So I went and sat down next to her she must have expected to see someone else cause when she immediantly turned around she saw me and her smile faded but quickly picked back up agian. She was stareing at me but I didn't mind. She had the most beautiful brown eyes. Her hair flowed down her perfect torso and she had on makeup and she looked good with but I just imagine how Georgous she'd look without it. She was my kind of perfect.

Isabellas P.O.V

Me: H-Hi.

Him: Hey

Me: So whats your name ?

Him: Niall, Niall Horan whats your name ?

Me: Isabella, um Isabella Russo.

Niall: You have a beautiful name.. oh-uh sorry I tend to think outloud haha

Me: No its okay and Thank You ummm...well I better get back to my friend shes probably looking for me.

I really regret saying that but she probably is.

Niall: Oh um yeah me too. It was nice meeting you.

Me: You too.

I shyly smiled and walked away Blushing like crazy I could just tell because my face felt hot.

When I walked into the party Jissette instantly found me and dragged me over to a group of people playing  spin the bottle.

I sat down next to her and when I looked up I saw Niall sitting across from me when he saw me we  exchanged smiles & began to play. I guess we were playing seven minutes in heaven I've never played before. And when Niall spun the bottle it landed on me and him. Everybody started saying ohhh and whistling at us.We got up and walked into the nearest bedroom. Niall closed the door walked up to me lightly kissed my forehead and said,

Niall: I know you probably don't want to do anythiny with me so we don't have too.

Me: Thank you...

I leaned in and lightly put my lips on his and his lips responded to my touch and it broke to soon.

They knocked on the door saying times up.

He kissed my cheek and we both walked out without saying another word to eachother.



Hey guys I know its not that good buy im trying :)

                                                              -Cara xx







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