When I was 16 I met one of the most handsomest guy. His name was Niall Horan, we met at a party and had a fling but after that night I never saw him again. Until one day I discovered he had became the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.


1. O N E

Hey My name is Isabella Russo, Im 5'4 I have brown hair and light brown eyes. My bestfriend is Jissette we've known each other since we were 12 and have been inseperable since. I live with my dad his name is Carlos he's overprotective and thats most times. He and my mom divorced when I was 11 and she moved to California & told me I had to live with my dad so me and him moved to Ireland. He had always wanted to try new things but I guess my mom was holding him back. Now I live in Ireland and im currently a Junior in High School.



How is it so far its my first Movella and im very nervous ! Does It suck ??

                                                                                - Cara xx

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