When I was 16 I met one of the most handsomest guy. His name was Niall Horan, we met at a party and had a fling but after that night I never saw him again. Until one day I discovered he had became the famous Niall Horan from One Direction.


4. F O U R

When I woke up the next day mine and Nialls kiss replayed in my head. It was amazing and he was so cute but I doubt I will ever have a chance. In fact I don't even no when I'll be able to see him again. I heard my phone ring so I got up to get it.

Me: Hello ?

Mom: Hey honey hows it going ?

Me: Uhh good how are you.

Mom: I'm fine I just needed to talk to you about a few things.

Me:Okay well shoot.

Mom: Okay well here goes, I'm gettig married.

Me: What ? With who, When how ??

Mom: His name is Stan hes a lawyer and hes very nice and he has a daughter. Shes your age and he wants to meet you.

Me: Woah what slow down he wants to meet me ? Well if you think I'm gunna go to California think again cause I'm staying right where I am !

Mom: I have alredy talked with your father about this so I wasn't asking you I was informing you that your coming out here to finish high school. And live with me and when your 18 you can move back.

I was so mad that I just hung up. I was already mad at my dad for dating his co-worker. And now I am pissed off that my mom is getting married and worst of all I have to go live with her.

Whats happening it's like one by one my life is falling apart atleast I have jissette. Shit now I have to tell jissette I'm moving. I can't just leave I have a great life here and great friends & thanks to my mom & dad i have to leave it all again. Which reminds me I have to have a word with my father. I walked down stairs & saw him sitting down on the couch watching sports.


Me: Dad we needa talk.

Dad: Okay come have a seat.

Me: Why did you tell mom that I would go live with her ?

Dad: Listen

 He said softly 

Dad: She misses you and feels really bad for missing a few years of your life and she just wants to bond with you again.

Me: So you actually want me to go ?

Dad: Yes bu-

Me: Fine then you no what get me a flight to go tomorrow ! if you want me to go theres no point in staying if you don't want me here ! I bet right when I leave your gunna invite your stupid girlfriend to move in !

I felt the tears coming so I stood up and ran upstairs to my room. I could here him calling after me but I didn't care. I guess I have to start packing. Oh wait, shoot I gotta tell Jissette now. My life sucks. I have to leave my bestfriend and theres no way I could get another that can compare to her. I hope she will understand. 


* At jissettes House*

I walked up to her front door and knocked the tune we use to signal that I was here.She ran to the door and opened it & as soon as she saw me she attacked me with a massive hug. I couldn't help but laugh and hug her back but when we pulled apart I frowned and looked down at the floor as guilt washed over me. We stepped into the house and she asked whats wrong.Shes the only one who knows that my dream is for my parents to get back together. And I started to explain whats going on.

Me: well earlier my mom called. Shes remarrying. His name is Stan hes a lawyer and he has a daughter thats my age. 

Jissette: Ohh I'm so sorry I know that all you wanted was for your parents to get back together.

She hugged my and I started to cry.

Me: I havn't told you the worst part.

I started to cry harder.

Jissette: Well go ahead you no you can tell me.

Me: I have to move with her. And my farther wants me to.

Jissette:......Well when do you leave ?

Me: Tomorrow this is probably the last time I get to see you unless we make time to visit eachother.

She looked like she was about to cry to.

Me:We can still talk and try to call eachother whenever we can ?

Jissette:Yeah of course but its gunna be so different with out you.

Me: I know I am so sorry I didn't wanna move with my mom and you of all people no that.

Jissette: Yeah.

Me: Well I better get going I have to pack.

Jissette: Okay. Love ya babe. Have a safe flight I'll miss you.

Me: Love ya too & I will miss you soo much. Bye


And with that I left my Bestest Friend until the next time I am able to visit her.

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