What We HAD...

Hayley Alexander and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends for as long as they could remember until Louis leaves to try out for X Factor, and becomes a world-famous pop star in the band One Direction! She doubts Louis even THINKS about her nowadays, but when he returns home she realizes she's ALL he's been thinking about...... Will they ever be able to regrow their friendship? Or even fall in love with each other?


3. I Miss Her....

*Louis' POV*

"Louis, Earth to Louis!" Niall, my band mate, said while waving his hand in front of my face.

"W-what?" I asked, snapping out of it.

"What's wrong mate? You've been blanking out on us a lot lately." He had practicably read my mind, I had been thinking about Hayley a lot more often now that I found out we were going on break after tour for a few months. My family moved into a bigger flat, so when I visited we went to the new flat. But this time, I'm going to try to find Hayley.

"Nah, just nervous about the concert." We were waiting to go onstage as Paul called, "Come on boys, it's showtime!"

We were singing Moments, one of our more deep, heartfelt, songs.

"Hands are silent, voice is numb, try to scream out my lungs, it makes this harder, and the tears stream, down my face."

I sang my solo with as much as I could, hoping Hayley would hear it. The concert finally ended and we went outside to our limo. We were quickly surrounded by a massive crowd of girls screaming our names. 

We finally got in our limo, and I felt all eyes on me.

"Well," Harry started "That was some pretty damn good singing tonight lad!" He finished while slapping my back. 

"Thanks," I replied, imagining Hayley smiling at me saying I was a good singer like she always had when I sang to her. I smirked a little bit.

Harry thought I had saw something on his face when I was smiling at him. "What, is there something on my face? Oh god lads, was there something on my face when we performed? Oh no!" He panicked, wiping his face while all the cameras flashed through the windows of the limo. It was actually quite funny to he honest.

"No Harry, there was nothing on your face," I reassured him.

"Oh, good." He sighed. "Sooooo, whats with the creepy pedo smile going on there, then?" He pointed to my face, joking.

"Shut up, Harold," I playfully smacked him. "It's not a 'pedo' face." I used my hands as air quotes.

"Ok, ok I get it!" He half-shouted after I smacked him.

"Good. But if you guys really wanna know what I was thinking about, I was thinking about a friend back home." I stated, plain as that. It was the truth, wasn't it?

No, it wasn't just a 'friend', it was a long-time love of mine that I wished everyday would love me back even though she most likely wouldn't.

"Ooooo Louis had a girlfriend back home, didn't he?" Zayn said, emphasizing the word 'girlfriend' and nudging my shoulder.

"No, I didn't have a girlfriend, maybe just a little....crush?" I lied, "Besides, she dosen't even like me, forget it." I was saying more to myself than the boys.

"Ok thennn..." Liam added, ending the extremely awkward conversation. What if she doesn't like me back and it's just a waist of my time?

Well, I guess there's no hurt in trying.


*A/N* Hey everyone! Soooo terribly sorry about not updating, I was working on another one of my fanfics, "Who Do I Choose?" by me and a few of my amaZAYN-ly cool friends. Check it out, it's a really good story! I decided I will update every TUESDAY! Check back then next week! -Hayley xx <3

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