Rocky Short Imagine

These are a couple of R5 fanfictions I hope you like


22. Ryland for my boo

Imagine your outside in your yard playing with your husband, Ryland, and you son and daughter, Ryan and Elizabeth, you guys were all playing tag and Ryland got tagged. He started charging towards you, so you start to sprint. He gets all the way to you and tackles you and says "Tag your it!" Then runs of again. So you run towards Elizabeth and tag her. Thern she runs to try to get Ryan, but trips over a rock and falls and hits her knee and scapes it. Then, she starts to cry. Ryland runs over and scoops her up in his arms and starts to hug and kiss her. "Do you want me to take you inside and get you a bandaid?" He says and kisses her again. "Yes, please daddy." She starts to smile. He takes her inside then comes back outside and then you guys start to play again.You think how lucky you are to have a husband who is amazing to you and your kids
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