Rocky Short Imagine

These are a couple of R5 fanfictions I hope you like


17. Ross

“Let’s go to the pier and jump off! It looks like so much fun!” you friend Ashley prompted. You were at the beach with five o your friends, and you were all bored o just tanning. Everyone agreed and so you headed up to the pier. You walked beside Ross, and talked to him about how tired you were from the sun. When you got up to the pier, you found a spot where nobody else was jumping off, and Ashley go her camera out. “I wanna take a picture of all of us jumping off. It would look so cool.” She said. “Who’s gonna take it?” Ross asked consstantly poking your stomach while you attempted to make him stop. Apparently she hadn’t considered that yet. “I’ll go find someone, hold on.” The rest of you waited. You looked at two o them who were dating, and they were holding hands, and talking. Then you looked at the other on who was dating Ashley, Rocky. He was watching her, making sure she was okay. You glanced at Ross and couldn’t help thinking that you wanted that. You liked Ross and sometimes he acted like he liked you but you could never really tell. “Still tired, Em?” he asked breaking the silence. “Yeah, I really am. But I’m sure I’ll wake up when we jump in,” you answered. “No need to jump, I’ll just push you in!” he said, grabbing your shoulders and jolting you forward, making you think he was actually going to knock you off the edge. You screamed and he held your waist, pulling you away from the edge to safety. “I hate you,” you said trying to look angry. “That’s not funny!” “Then why are you laughing?” he countered, raising his eyebrows. Before you could answer, Ashley came back with a nice looking girl willing to take the picture. The six of you lined up, couples together and you beside Ross, getting ready to jump. “On three!” Ashley said. “One…..” You looked at Ross “Two….” Ross looked at you. “Three!” And instead of jumping, Ross grabbed your wrists, making sure you didn’t jump either, and pulled you in to kiss you. It was easy to stay on your feet because he was holding you so tight and you had a pretty good grip on his arms. “Guys!” you heard Ashley yell from the water. But Ross kept kissing you, and you kept kissing back, ignoring everyone else. While they were all busy trying to get up the ladder, he pulled away and said, “Sorry, about that. I didn’t want you to fall in.” To which you answered, “I did, though.” He blinked. Understanding what you were saying, he smiled and kissed you again. You didn’t fall in the water---- you fell in love with him.
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