Rocky Short Imagine

These are a couple of R5 fanfictions I hope you like


12. Ross

You and Rydel are trying on all the dresses in her closet. You have no idea that what’s been planned and all Rydel said is that she is getting you ready for something special. “Emma, let me do your make up! This is going to be fun.” She says, as you get comfy in this nice black, lace dress, Rydel picked out for you to wear. As she finshes with the make up, she does your hair into a fish tail braid. “Done! Now, let’s go out!” She says, as your mouth opens with complete shock. You look at Rydel and wonder why she isn’t dressed up, but you ask no questions. As you two walk outside, instead of going to the car, she walks down the street towards the park not too far. You catch up to her, as your high heels tap the floor rapidly. You stop and out of no where as you see all these candles and flowers set out beautiful on the park lawn. Rydel pushes you over to a picnic mat. You start to wonder as you see Ross come out behind the trees, dressed up in blue skinny jeans and a nice red polo shirt. Ross looks are you speechless, you can kinda tell because his mouth is open, eyes wide. You two haven’t been dating but you both are really good friends, but everyone knows that you both have a crush on each other. You see Ross getnervous and out of no where he asks you the number one question…… “Emma, will you go out with me?”
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