Rocky Short Imagine

These are a couple of R5 fanfictions I hope you like


3. Ross

You were walking in the park with your daughter, Brittany, it was her first birthday in a few days, but Ross has been so busy that you thought he forgot. It was getting dark so you decided to walk home. You open your front door and went into the lounge. As you turned the lights on everyone jumped up and yelled surprise to you and your daughter. Later that night after the party was finished Ross asked you if he had done a good job at planning the party. You smiled, kissed him gently and said “You did amazing babe, I can’t thank you enough for making Brittany’s birthday so special!” Ross just smiled and blushed. He then looked up to you and said “Only the best for my two special girls!” It was then your turn to blush as he whispered in you ear, “I really love you Sophia, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m so happy you’re with me now!”
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