Rocky Short Imagine

These are a couple of R5 fanfictions I hope you like


18. Rocky For My best friend (sister) Ashley

It was the night of your big dance recital. You were so nervous! You usally don’t get nervous, but tonight was different. Everything was on the line and everyone was depending on you to be executing your solo perfectly! No pressure though, right? You moved past the the thought and you were hoping that your boyfriend, Rocky, would come to the recital, but he had a concert that night. You were a little upset, but you understood. He couldn’t let the fans down! You were about to go on stage when you got a text. “Good luck, Ash. You’ll do great, I just know it! :D” You just wished he were there. He would make everything so much better. “Ashley, please come to the stage,” said a voice over the speakers. You made your way onto the stage and to your mark. You looked out into the crowd and the first person you saw was Rocky in the front row! You smiled as soon as you saw him and he smiled back. You performed your routine with out a flaw! You walked off stage and saw Rocky waiting for you. “Rocky!! Thanks for coming her!! But why are you here? I thought you had a concert,” you said with a confused tome. “Ashley!! You did great by the way. I told you, you’d do fine!! And I told the concert crowd that I would be back soon, that reminds me, I have to go, but I got you these. Alright, see you later, Ashley!” he said, then ran to the door. He left but he had given you a bunch of roses! This was why you loved him.
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