Rocky Short Imagine

These are a couple of R5 fanfictions I hope you like


21. Riker

“Hey, Emma!” your best friend ,Rydel, says excitedly as she opens the door to let you into the house. You smile at her as you step inside, “Hey, Rydel.” “Ready for our sleepover?” She asks. “Definitely!” As you follow her to her bedroom, Riker stands in your way. He grins at you, and you can’t help but smile back. “Hi Rydel! Hi Emma!” He says. “Hi Riker.” You reply. He looks a bit nervous all of a sudden. “Can I borrow Emma for a minute?” he asks. “But it’s a girl’s night!” Rydel whines. You look at her with pleading eyes. She knows how much you like him. She sighs and nods. “Okay, but don’t take to long.” She smiles at you and heads into her room. You look up at Riker. “Look, Emma. I really like you.” He says, taking your hand. You smile “I like you, too,” you say. He grins. “Really?! So, do you wanna be my girlfriend?” You nod excitedly, “I’d love to.” Rydel walks back in, clearly very happy. “It’s about time!” But just so you know, if you hurt my best friend, I will hurt you. Come on, Emma! Let’s go watch a movie!” Riker gets a sad look on his face. Rydel smiles. “Come on. You, too.” The three of you spend the night watching movies, talking, laughing, and throwing popcorn at each other. You fall asleep during one of the movies, leaning against Riker with his arms wrapped around you.
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