Twin Trouble

Lily and Mia Brown are twin sistes living in denial. Although their appearance is the same, both hearts are different. They each have loving boyfriend's Lily with Aiden and Mia with Logan. But there is still a lot of drama when they go to a party. Some horrible things happen and some wonderful things happen too. When something happens to Mia at the party, Lily must take her place. But, there are two problems: 1. She's the exact opposite of Mia and 2. That means "Lily" would go missing. How will the twins resolve this? Will their minds change along the way? And what happens to Mia? (This might have some stuff that could be too strong for readers 13 and younger. Don't say I didn't warn you, it has some sex and swear words.)


1. Announcement!


So, In the last chappie, i told you that I would be ending the story. 


MelanieNandos, a bff of mine on here, has asked to continue writing it and I have agreed! She also wants me to come back and write some too, and I will maybe once a month or soever.  So you guys do get Twin Trouble :D CONGRATS!

And btw, go fan MelanieNandos. Like right now. Not kidding. 

I will delete this fanfiction in about a week or so js and it will be on MelanieNandos's page. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYA

Adios amigeos. (haha i suck at espaniol)

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