Guardian Angel

Okay so I started this story on a different website and I forgot my password on that website it is...

It's a Andy Biersack Fan-Fic and I got tons of feedback on it, so I hope you guys like it! It helps if you can give me some criticism *hint hint*


1. Andy

The cold air brushed Andy's face, as the street lights made his skin glow. You could hear the sound of his boots from miles.

Prostitutes whistled and called him hoping that he was their catch for the evening. But Andy doesn't want to become

prey, not now or ever. He had to find that bar. After a few minutes he found it.


Stan's Bar


The smell of beer and smoke filled his nose, that scent was familiar. He could hear fights being started, and pool games being played. Everywhere he looked biker guys either smoked or drank or started chatting with the occasional waitress. But he saw no sign of that brunette beauty.

He was tired, he needed to relax. Though he couldn't see her Andy knew she was here his instincts told him so.


"Hey Blane give me a few." Andy demanded.


"Already done Andy." Blane said putting a few shots down.


"I think you know me too well Blane." Andy said downing two of the shots.


"No Andy I just know what you like to drink." Blane smirked.


"Smartass." Andy chuckled.


Andy did a quick scan of the area, there he saw the girl.

The girl he was looking for.

She was in the lap of a young biker. He had long dark hair that was combed back, he wore a leather vest showing off his buff arms and many tattoos.

The guy looked very intimidating.

The girl was flirting with him no doubt making him an easy catch.

The girl wore a tight, black, short dress and a pair of heels.

Her hair was a mess but still attractive.

She could get with anyone she wanted. She was that stunning.

Andy stared at her eying her every move, waiting for when she was on the move.


"Why?" Blane asked.

"Why what?" Andy asked.

"Why fall for her? You can do way better." Blane said getting more drinks.

"I'm not falling for her Blane, I'm keeping an eye on her." Andy said gulping a drink.

"What are you her bodyguard or something?" Blane asked.


This made Andy jump a bit, if he knew his secret...


"You can say that." Andy said regaining composure.


"Don't look now but the slut's on the move again." Blane said.


Andy glanced and saw the girl and biker walking toward the exit.

The girl kept laughing and smiling, luring him toward the back of the building.

Andy paid for the drinks and went after the two.

He stopped at the corner by the door, he didn't want to be spotted.


"Where's my fun?" The biker asked.

"Not now it's to public." The girl slurred, obviously drunk.

"But I want you now." The biker cooed, running his hand up her thigh.

"No!" The girl said, slapping his hand away.

"It's the game babe." He whispered into her ear.


He pinned her against the brick, hard wall.

His knee was against her stomach.

He had both of his hands pin her arms to the wall and he began kissing her neck.

She moaned, but screamed.


"Leave her alone." Andy growled.


Andy's eyes turned from the well known blue color that everyone loves, to a deep shade of red. He put on his leather glove. The biker turned and growled, looking Andy dead in the eyes.


"Why?" The biker asked. "Why should I listen to a faggot like you? You can't do nothing to me.."


Andy went up to the biker and punched him.

When the biker tried to punch Andy back, he missed.

Andy grabbed him by the neck and pinned him to the wall.

Andy repeatedly kicked the biker in the groin and laughed.

Then he screamed (like in "Perfect Weapon") in his face.


"Don't touch her ever again or else I will let all hell run loose understand?" Andy hissed.


He dropped the biker on the floor, leaving him there to hack up blood and cry.

He looked at the girl. She had wavy, brown hair and curious brown eyes that sparkled under the moonlight.

She had a tan complexion and her nose was small like a button but cute.

She had full lips.

She was average height with heels, maybe  she was petite.

Andy couldn't help but stare.


"Do you realize what you just did!" The girl shouted

"Um I don't know. Maybe save your fucking ass!" Andy shouted.

"I just lost fucking $50!" She shouted back.

"Here!" Andy said digging in his pocket.


He gave the girl fifty dollars and began walking away..



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